7 Most Amazing Types Of Indian Wedding Jewellery That Every Bride-To-Be Must Know


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7 Most Amazing Types Of Indian Wedding Jewellery That Every Bride-To-Be Must Know

An Indian bridal look is never complete without the jewellery. Well, choosing the right jewellery not only enhances the beauty of the bride, but also complements her bridal couture. Before you start picking out on your bridal jewellery, it would be better to know their types well in advance. So that when you choose the perfect ornaments for your big day, it is only you who shines throughout the ceremony.

Well, if you are clueless about the variety of ornaments available in the market then, here is the list that can help you in deciding which type of jewellery to choose.

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#1. Kundan

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Being the purest form of gold, kundan jewellery is the most expensive of all the traditional Indian jewellery. It is a highly refined form of 24 carat gold. Various types of precious and semi-precious stones, and gems are used in this jewellery to give it a stunning look. Kundankari reached Rajasthan from Delhi during the Mughal period, and that is why this jewellery will make you feel like a royalty on your wedding day.

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#2. Meenakari

If you like bright and colourful jewellery, then you will love meenakari jewellery. Although, this enamelled jewellery originated in Rajasthan, but with time it has become quite popular all over the world. In this, precious stones are set first before enamelling them with heat-resistant colours like red, yellow, blue, white and green. One will usually find designs of peacock, flower, fish, or paisley on the sets. Often, kundan jewellery has meenakari on its reverse side, making it wearable from both the sides.

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#3. Jadau

This engraved jewellery is popular in Rajasthan and Gujrat. In jadau jewellery, different kinds of gems, like pearl, sapphire, ruby, diamond, emerald, etc. are embedded in melted gold with Polki (an uncut form of diamond) as a centre stone to give it a stunning look and design. Even in this, one may find Meenakari work on the reverse side.

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#4. Gold

Well, gold is the most preferred choice for many brides-to-be. Gold is actually considered to be auspicious as it is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. Another reason why gold jewellery is liked by many is due to its durability and everlasting shine. Be it necklace, earring, bangles or any other wedding jewellery, gold is liked by all.

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#5. Lac

With its origin in Rajasthan, Lac, also known as Lacquer, is now a famous jewellery across the world. Lac is embedded in various types of ornaments like necklace, bajuband (armlet), maang tikka and many more to strengthen the design. Lac jewellery is available in various designs, making it a favourite among the brides-to-be. In many Indian wedding, bangles made of lac are a compulsion, as it is considered to be auspicious for married women. Bangles with lac filing are usually brightly coloured with glass work on them.

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#6. Diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Be it necklace, earring, bangles or any other jewellery, diamonds go perfectly well with almost every attire. They look elegant, sophisticated and classy at the same time. Be it uncut diamonds, like a solitaire set in different designs have their own charm.

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#7. Pachchikam

If you want to wear jewellery with old world charm, then pachchikam jewellery is just for you. Originated in Gujrat and Kutch, this jewellery is back in vogue. This jewellery is pretty fragile, but if you are not that keen on spending a huge amount of money on your bridal jewellery, then you can opt for this one as it uses silver instead of gold, making it affordable. Pachchikam jewellery is flashy and can be worn on any occasion.

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Every bridal jewellery has it own significance and carries a load of emotions for the bride. Not only do they complement your entire bridal look, but also gives you a royal feel on your big day. So, choose wisely as this is something that is going to be with you as a reminder of your most memorable day for the rest of your life.

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