7 Best Things You Can Do To Avoid An Argument With Your Partner


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7 Best Things You Can Do To Avoid An Argument With Your Partner

For any two people in a relationship, having disagreements with each other at times is quite inevitable. And, these disagreements tend to create stress between them, which ultimately leads to an argument.

Well, we agree that in most of the cases, it might not be possible for you to control the situations that lead to an argument. However, you certainly can have a control over the way you react to those situations, and hence, you can avoid having an argument with your partner. Wondering how? Well, then take a look at these seven wonderful alternatives to arguing with your partner:

#1. Think about the problem first

Practicing this technique is very important for a healthy relationship. Before getting into an argument with your partner over any issue, think if it is actually required. Sometimes, we tend to get angry over little things and react immediately. However, if you think for a while before saying anything to your partner about the issue that is bothering you, the argument can actually be avoided as you may realise that it is not at all worth fighting for.

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#2. Go for a walk

When a situation provokes you to get into a big argument with your partner, just go for a walk. Walking is a great mood-booster as it releases the ‘feel good’ chemical, endorphin, and fills your mind with positive thoughts. And, by the time you return home, the temptation to argue may not be there anymore.

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#3. Get into your partner’s shoes

Men and women think quite differently, and hence, whatever is done by your partner might not actually have been done intentionally to hurt you. So, try to get into your partner’s shoes and think from their perspective. This will help you a lot to avoid getting into a heated discussion and hurting your partner.

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#4. Think about the positives

Before you get into a fight over the thing done by your partner that has hurt you, think about their positives. Simply focus on all the nice things that your partner does for you. Doing this will help you to calm down and instead of having an argument, you will be able to get into a healthy discussion with your partner to solve the issue that is causing a problem.

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#5. Vent it out

Well, you cannot stay angry at your partner all the time. Sometimes, you need to vent your anger somewhere else. When in extreme anger, go alone where there is no one else. Simply shout, scream or may be cry out loud! But, make sure you take your anger out and do not crush it inside. And, if you find this difficult, then call or meet your best friend and say it all. This will help you take out your anger without letting your partner know about it, and will surely be good for your relationship.

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#6. Write it to fight it

Another way to avoid argument is to choose non-verbal communication techniques, like writing notes, emails, WhatsApp or text messages, etc., to explain your point. But, make sure that you do not write too harsh words or negative things. Think diplomatically, and then write down the things that are bothering you. While you can offer a solution to the problem, make sure that you ask your partner to provide their suggestions as well. This way, both of you will be able to make your point without actually getting into a heated verbal argument.

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#7. Get busy with your favourite activity

Whenever there is a disagreement between the two of you, try to divert your mind by getting involved into something that you like to do. For instance, you can play video games, listen to your favourite music, go out for shopping, or anything else that makes you a happy person. This will lighten up your mood, and you may not even have to fight with your partner afterwards.

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Well, having arguments is certainly not healthy for any relationship. So, the next time there is any disagreement between the two of you, just try any of these tricks to avoid getting into a fight, and save your relationship from stress and negativity.  



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