6 Smart Tricks To Make Her Parents Fall In Love With You


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6 Smart Tricks To Make Her Parents Fall In Love With You

There is a conventional Indian saying that when two people get married, it is also a marriage of two families. So, while you might have planned a romantic proposal for your girl, just getting an acceptance from her is not enough. Getting accepted and liked by her family is equally important for your relationship (at times, even more).

Thus, it becomes very important for you to impress her parents, as much as it is for her to impress yours. We know that this can be quite a tricky situation, and it might even get you on your nerves. But, do not worry. We have some simple tips for you that will definitely make your soon-to-be in-laws (or even your in-laws) fall in love with you.

#1. Bond with her dad

Girls' fathers tend to get quite strict when it comes to selecting or testing the groom for their little angels (yes! for dads, their daughters are always going to be 'little'). So, make sure you leave a good impression on her father. Your actions must convince him that you will take best care of his daughter.

And, in case you are wondering how you can do so, then you have our very own Bollywood to take inspiration from. Remember, how Shah Rukh Khan made every possible effort to impress Amrish Puri, in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ)? And, not to forget Rahul Bose, who tried so hard to impress Mallika Sherawat's dad in the movie Pyaar Ke Side Effects. Right from waking up early in the morning to accompanying them for morning walks, these men did everything to create a good image.

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#2. Say goodbye to your crazy style

A girl’s parents observe every minute detail of the guy who wishes to marry their daughter. So, better not flash your cool red pants or crazy hairdo while meeting her parents. Just like you go for a job interview with a formal look to appear more serious towards the work, follow the same approach here.

Parents tend to like the guys whom they find to be mature enough. And, as your clothes speak a lot about your personality, use them as a tool to create a good impression. This will help you to assure them that you are quite capable of taking care of their daughter as well as the other responsibilities that will come your way after marriage. So, even though your crazy style might have impressed your girl, do not go with the same to meet her parents. Just be at your sophisticated best.

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#3. Never lie about your work or salary

Never lie to her parents about your job or salary even if your ladylove tells you to do so (especially, if you are into an unconventional profession, like a painter, DJ, photographer, writer, etc). No matter how hard it might take you to convince her parents about your job being a secured one, just go the right way. They might not agree to it initially, but eventually they will understand.

It will work in your favour just like it did for Rahul Bose, in Pyaar Ke Side Effects, who proudly talked about his job (DJ) as well as salary, to Mallika Sherawat's father. And, even for Ayushmann Khurrana in Bewakoofiyaan, who never lied about his salary being less than that of Sonam Kapoor. On the other hand, lying can lead to an outright rejection whenever you get caught.

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#4. Help out whenever possible

Once you get acquainted with them and start meeting them frequently, make sure you continue with your best behaviour and be a complete gentleman. Also, take interest in their activities. Remember, how Arjun Kapoor helped Alia's mom explore her music talent or how he helped her father prepare his work presentation in the movie 2 States?

And, how can we forget Shah Rukh Khan helping everyone at Kajol's home in the wedding-related tasks in DDLJ! In addition, we also have Ayushmann Khurrana, who helped Rishi Kapoor in the movie Bewakoofiyaan, to find a job after his retirement. This trick is quite an assured way to create a soft corner in their hearts for you.

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#5. PDA is a big No!

Her parents know that you love her, but they would never want to see it physically. Shy away from being too physical with her in front of her parents. Actions like, kissing, cuddling, holding her hand, etc., are a strict no in front of her parents.

Take a cue from Shah Rukh Khan in DDLJ or Arjun Kapoor in 2 States, who never tried to get cosy with their sweethearts whenever the parents of their ladylove were around.

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#6. Involve them in decisions

We are not talking about decisions like buying a shirt or shoes. But, if you are planning to buy a house or make some big investment for the future, or need to take any wedding-related decision, do make sure that they are involved in the discussions.

Whatever you finally choose would be your own decision, but her parents will definitely like it when you would seek their advise. They will surely love this gesture of yours and even before you are able to realise it, they will start considering you as family.

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The most important tip is, do not panic! Meeting her parents and getting them to like you can be a little nerve-wracking, we agree. But with our above tips, you will become their favourite very soon.

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