7 Creative Ways To Host The Most Amazing And Fun Holi Party At Home


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7 Creative Ways To Host The Most Amazing And Fun Holi Party At Home

Holi is all about letting your hair down and going crazy with colours. The more the merrier is the golden rule that you should follow for your Holi bash. After all, no one wants to be alone on Holi, as this festival calls for friends, party and huge celebrations. We all need the entire herd to turn up so that we can party together, and have an amazing time.

This is especially true for newlyweds. They want to celebrate all the festivals with a festive spirit as well as involve their near and dear ones. So if you are a newly-wed bride, why not throw an amazing party and get all your loved ones under one roof this Holi? Well, here a few handy tips to get you started on your party planning.

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#1. Send out fun invites

Holi Party At Home

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Since Holi is not a formal occasion, you do not have to send out proper invitation cards to your guests. You can just make a few phone calls to figure out the number of guests expected at your Holi party at home. Give a follow-up call to everyone a day or two before, to check if there are any last minute cancellations or additions. You can also politely remind them of the timings and the date through an SMS, maybe just a day before.

Our hatke tip: If you want to do something fancy, you can buy some nice handmade paper, write out a simple invitation, attach a packet of gulal and post this to all your friends and relatives, along with some homemade gujiyas. This way, you will be reaching out and wishing even those who will not be able to make it to your party. 

#2. Play peppy music

Holi Party At Home

No fun Holi party can be complete without Rang Barse playing in the background! Compile some all-time favourite Holi songs from classics, like Holi Ke Din (Sholay) to Holi Khele Raghuveera (Baghban), Ang Se Ang Lagana (Darr) to the latest ones like Do Me A Favour Let’s Play Holi (Waqt- The Race Against Time) and Balam Pichkari (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani). Play them at high volume and have a blast.

Our hatke tip: Add a karaoke machine to your music system. Why just listen to Holi songs, when you can sing them as well? After all, we all know their lyrics far too well, don’t we?

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#3. Add exciting street food to the menu

Holi Party At Home

After a fun Holi party at home for hours, one works up a huge appetite. Keep the theme Indian, because let us face it; people would not be keen on navigating through a bowl of pasta after celebrating a quintessentially Indian festival! Biryani, chole bhature, pav bhaji, chaat and paneer tikka would definitely make people drool! Keep serving finger food throughout the party. Hire a caterer and ask him to serve food that can be easily eaten with a toothpick.

Our hatke tip: Cover the food with a cloche to protect it from Holi colours and water. Add some sugar-free gujiyas, baked samosas and other healthier options on the menu, for the health freaks.

#4. Have an assortment of drinks

Image Courtesy: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Image Courtesy: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Unless you have had at least a glass of bhang-laced thandai, you have not really enjoyed Holi in its true spirit. For those who would rather stay away, keep circulating glasses of virgin thandai, mocktails, lemonade and soft drinks through the party.

Our hatke tip: If you want to cut out the thandai, create some innovative bhang dishes! Puran poli, gujiya, malpuas and kachoris with a dash of bhang can be very interesting.

#5. Conserve water

Image Courtesy: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Image Courtesy: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The most important thing on your list is the colours and water. Now, playing with pukkaa colours can be really fun, but the amount of damage they cause is not worth it. Opt for organic colours and gulal, which are easily available in the market. Ask your guests to bring their own pichkaris but keep a few inexpensive ones handy, nonetheless. Set a limit on the buckets of water you are going to use; water conservation is important too. Keep a few bowls of fresh water handy in case some colour gets into your guests’ eyes.

Our hatke tip: Many times, some people (especially the elderly) do not get to enjoy Holi because they don’t really like getting wet, or have an allergy to colours. So, keep rose and other colourful flower petals handy for them. Instead of smearing gulal on their faces, you can throw a handful of petals on them. This way, they will enjoy the festival in a natural, healthy way.

#6. Dress code – white

Holi Party At Home

Just the way Bollywood celebs slays in all the Holi parties, whether in movies or real life, newly-weds can also put the dress code as white for their Holi party. Since all the colours will get showcased the best on white outfits, why not ask your guests to come up with cotton non-expensive white ensembles for the Holi party at home.

Our hatke tip: You can keep different crops like scarfs for the ladies and caps for the men. Try to put in some Holi contest like the one who will be most drenched in colours and water by the end of the Holi party will be given a special prize. 

#7. Ditch Gulal, use flowers

Holi Party At Home

For a fun Holi party at home, it is not necessary to play with colours and water. Instead of buying colours from the market, it would be interesting and more fun if you make colours with flowers. For this, you need to keep ready the boiled petals of marigold in hot water a night before. Then mix it with powdery ingredients like, multani mitti, besan, milk powder, coarse besan, sandalwood powder or powdered dal. This is the best idea for the fun Holi evening party at home with the skin-friendly products.

Our hatke tip: Newly-weds can ask their friends to come stay over and you all can have fun making these herbal colours together. 

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So, are you ready for a hatke holi party? Well, don't forget to make us a part of your celebrations as well. We at BollywoodShaadis wish all our readers a very happy Holi!

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