7 Best Ways To Celebrate First Holi After Marriage And Make It Special

Is this your first Holi after marriage? Here are 7 fantastic ways to celebrate your first Holi after marriage with your new family and make it a memorable one!


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7 Best Ways To Celebrate First Holi After Marriage And Make It Special

First festivals that come after your wedding not only call for revelry but have a special ring to them as well. Your new family expects you to look and behave your best when they celebrate these festivals with you for the very first time. The wisest approach to celebrate festivals after marriage is to do so in a manner that helps you bond better with your husband, your new family, and friends.

So for all newbie brides, here are a few tips to celebrate your first Holi after marriage.

#1. Make it fun

Holi Celebrations

Try to gauge the mood of your husband and in-laws. If it seems they are not so enthusiastic about the festival, find out the reason. If some tragic incident is the cause, you too need to curb your enthusiasm. If not, then you should try to spread that festive feel in the house. If you live in a nuclear family, do make your in-laws a part of your first Holi celebrations after the wedding. This will help you bond with them, and get in their good books as well.

#2. Deck up a little

Holi Celebratons

Holi celebrations are bound to get a bit out of hand and when it's first Holi after marriage, it's something else. This might not be the best day to spend time on looking your best. However, you cannot get away with a 'plain Jane' look in just whites, as you are a newlywed. So, your outfit should come across as joyful, even if it means sacrificing a favourite dress. If you are up for the challenge, wear something new. Whatever might be your decision, think of it as an investment towards creating memories that will last forever.

Do apply a thick coat of sunscreen before you go out to play. If you have sensitive skin, use a protective moisturiser or cream. Oil your hair with coconut oil to save them from any potential damage. It is best to tie your hair in a neat ponytail or a bun.

#3. Be the perfect hostess

Holi Celebrations

Many relatives and friends of your in-laws might turn up on this day to wish you, and to celebrate first Holi with you. This is an opportunity to bond with them. Play the perfect hostess, and ensure that you greet them warmly and never let their glasses or plates be empty. 

There are plenty of Bollywood songs that are a must-play at Holi parties. Be it Rang BarseyBalam PichkariBhangra mixes or other Holi favourites, just make sure that the house DJ knows which tracks to play to get the mood right. Based on everyone's personal comfort level, get them involved in the celebrations and the masti! If someone is not comfortable with colours or with dancing, make sure you respect their preferences. 

#4. Use Holi to make it up to friends

It might have been possible that some of your closest friends were not able to attend your wedding. You can invite those friends to your Holi party. Just ensure that the food and overall preparations are good enough to make your friends feel pampered. But, first, ask your husband and in-laws if this is fine with them.

#5. Do not hesitate to party it up!

In your first Holi celebration, you are likely to be the focus of all attention. However, do not let this deter you from having a good time. Do not hesitate to dance or get a little flirty with your husband. A Holi celebration is bound to have music and dancing. Ensure that you have your husband to accompany you as you sway to the music. This is probably what your in-laws and relatives in attendance want to see, the two of you gelling well!

#6. Go easy on the booze

Holi Celebrations

Image Courtesy: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Holi parties can also be a good excuse to get a bit tipsy. However, being your first Holi celebration, you must be a little careful. There is every chance of friends suggesting you taste their version of bhaang. Go ahead and indulge yourself, but not to the extent of passing out! Also, make sure that your husband is always involved or knows what you are doing.

#7. Spice up the post-Holi celebrations with your husband

So, the Holi celebrations have ended and everybody has headed back home. Rather than simply ambling to your room and falling asleep, surprise your husband. Yes, the idea might already have been in his head, but you initiating it could be a major turn-on for him. Didn't get us? Well, just suggest to him that you have been splashed with Holi colours and need his help to wash them off. This is probably the best way to end the day’s celebrations, isn't it?

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We are sure you are now all geared up to plan your Holi celebrations with our ideas. Do let us know what more you are planning to add to your Holi celebrations by leaving your comments below. Wish you all a very happy and safe Holi!

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