5 Things You Experience Once Your Best Friend Gets Married


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5 Things You Experience Once Your Best Friend Gets Married

Wow! It is your best friend’s wedding. You are all buoyed up and excited about the shopping, festivities, and plans for the special day. And finally, the big day arrives and you are as excited as the would-be bride and groom.

The day passes so swiftly that you do not realise where it vanished. And, then begins an altogether different time of your life. Suddenly, the friend who was always "all yours", has someone even very special in her life, and there is hardly any time for you.

Having a good friend is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. But, at the same time, maintaining this relationship might get a little difficult when your friend gets married. So, for all those who are going to see their best buddies getting hitched this wedding season, here is what you must be geared up for.

#1. The “we” time is lost

Spending time with her spouse might be your best friend’s top priority now. So, you need to be prepared for a cut down in the “we” time that you once shared. Even when you do spend an evening together, your friend might talk a lot about her new life.

So, just be prepared to spend more time talking about a third person than about each other, at least for a few months.

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#2. Priorities change

There was a time (before she got hitched) when you had a great time with her checking out all the hot guys around you together. But, now she might be more interested in talking about homely things, such as cooking, in-laws, home décor, etc. In fact, now that you two have different relationship statuses, she might prefer hanging out with couples than having a singles' night out.

So, as soon as she gets married, be ready to hear something like, “I’m busy dear. I’ll call you later" or "Let us plan it for the next weekend." Does that bother you? Well, do not worry! Remember, you too will get there someday.

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#3. Getting along with your friend's spouse

Your best friend is definitely your type of person, but her spouse might not necessarily be your type at all. Nevertheless, simply because he is your best friend’s spouse, you might have to learn to get along with him as well. It can be a real struggle, especially if you do not share any common interests at all. But then, you do not have a choice, do you?

Even if you think there is nothing common between the two of you, do not forget that the person bringing you together is the same.

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#4. The season of raining advices

Your cool best friend might suddenly change into a totally different person. Someone, who goes on and on about how good it is to have someone to hug at night, how great feeling is it to be with in-laws, and much more.

What’s more, your friend even tries to influence you into finding that perfect match, if you already have not found one. And, if you are not ready to get hitched, her constant ramblings are going to get on your nerves.

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#5. You change too

You might not perceive it yourself, but you change slightly too. Although you know that your best friend is still the ‘2 AM friend’ you always loved, you will still find yourself thinking hundred times before calling her in the middle of the night. Of course, you would not want to disturb your friend when she is all cuddled up in her partner’s arms. And, this might become even more difficult if your friend stays with her in-laws.

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Now, look at the good side. If you can get along with her spouse, then you will have another great friend in life. What’s more? You now have an experienced best friend who will help you through once you will get into the same shoes.

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