12 Surprising Health And Beauty Benefits Of Dark Chocolate For You To Have Some More Of It


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12 Surprising Health And Beauty Benefits Of Dark Chocolate For You To Have Some More Of It

Do you judge a person basis his/her love for dark chocolate? If you are on a date and the second question you ask him/her is if they like dark chocolate, and if they reply with a ‘no’, that person is immediately rejected! Is your love for dark chocolate this much? Well then, you are certainly at the right place!

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Even if you eat dark chocolates for pleasure (we all do!), did you know that there are multiple benefits of dark chocolate? Chocolate, which was usually considered to be an indulgence and would add inches to your waist, suddenly has become the hottest thing in beauty and health circles. After all, what else is so yummy and also good for your body? So here, we give you 12 reasons to binge on your dark-choco tubs even more! Thank us later!

#1. Sun protection

Sun Protection

Problem: Don’t know how to protect your skin from sun damage?

Our yummy solution: Dark chocolate, which is extracted from cocoa beans, contains flavonoids and antioxidants. A research conducted by the Journal of Nutrition has found out that people who eat dark chocolate have a smoother skin texture, experience twenty five per cent less redness when exposed to the sun and their skin remains hydrated for a longer duration. Chocolate can even fight premature skin discoloration.

Quick fact: Dark chocolate has more antioxidants than red wine or green tea.

#2. Anti-ageing properties

Anti-ageing properties

Problem: Are you on the wrong side of twenties? Fear not, dark chocolate has come to your rescue!

Our yummy solution: Flavonoids, along with protecting you from the sun help your skin retain its elasticity and also keep wrinkles away. It also encourages skin cell regeneration which ensures that your skin looks and feels younger for a longer time.

Quick fact: The more bitter a chocolate is, higher the number of flavonoids it contains.

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#3. Stress buster

Stress buster

Problem: Are too many deadlines in office causing your skin to suffer?

Our yummy solution: The biggest threat to our skin today is high stress level. Dark chocolate reduces stress hormones, and hence ensures lesser collagen breakdown. This translates to glowing skin and fewer wrinkles.

Quick fact: You must always opt for bars which have at least 70 per cent cocoa content.

#4. Detoxifying properties

Detoxifying properties

Problem: Your skin feels oily and clammy.

Our yummy solution: Dark chocolate, when combined with caffeine is a natural way to detox your body. A chocolate wrap exfoliates dead skin cells and allows your pores to breathe freely. So, the next time you decide to pamper yourself in a spa, opt for a chocolate based treatment.

Quick fact: Dark Chocolate contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, B1, C, D and E.

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#5. Protect your teeth

Protect your teeth

Problem: Cavities and other dental problems.

Our yummy solution: Everybody hates taking that annual trip to the dentist to get their teeth examined. But this time around, you can visit your dentist with a broad smile, thanks to a secret we are going to share. Dark chocolate helps hardening tooth enamel, which means that you are less prone to cavities.

Quick fact: Surprisingly, 12 grams of dark chocolate a day, keeps the dentist away.

#6. Improves functioning of brain

Improves functioning of brain

Problem: Well, when it comes to our CPU, everything seems to be a problem!

Our yummy solution: Did you know? Consuming dark chocolate does miracles to the cognitive functioning of your brain by increasing flow of blood from your brain to the heart. Chocolate contains an element called Phenylethylamine (PEA), which is naturally released by our brain. And what does it do? PEA stimulates our brain to release endorphins that makes us feel happier.

Quick fact: The very smell of chocolate increases ‘theta’ brain waves which provides us relaxation and comfort.

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#7. Ensures weight loss

Ensures weight loss

Problem: Rapid weight gain?

Our yummy solution: Yes, yes , yes! Stop feeling guily about eating that leftover dark chocolate while you were watching your favourite series! So how it works? Well, as dark chocolate tates slightly bitter, it helps in lessening your craving for fried and junk food. As a result, a reduction in food craving means eating less. Also, dark chocolate is full of MUFAs (Monounsaturated Fatty Acids), some very friendly fats which revives metabolism to burn more fat and calories. Hence, proved!

Quick fact: As dark chocolate has more cacaos and less sugar, it is healthier than milk and white chocolate.

#8. Boosts hair volume

Boosts hair volume

Problem: Frequent hairfall a common phenomenon?

Our yummy solution: Dark chocolate is overloaded with ingredients that are very good for your hair growth hormone, which ultimately results in a good hair growth. A small proportion (we know it’s difficult!) of dark chocolate in your diet can make your tresses super voluptuous, glossy and strong.

Quick fact: Eating chocolate every day increases oxygen and blood flow to your scalp, leading to stronger hair.

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#9. Improves eyesight

Improves eyesight

Problem: Tiredness in eyes, hazier vision.

Our yummy solution: We bet you didn’t know this! There’s an element called ‘flavanoids’ in dark chocolate that helps in smoother blood flow from your brain to heart. As a result, your eyesight automatically improves due to better flow of blood.

Quick fact: It is noted by researchers that a single dosage of dark chocolate "improves visibility of small, low-contrast targets within 2 hours compared to that of milk chocolate". Whoa!

#10. Keeps your heart healthy

Keeps your heart healthy

Problem: Tiredness.

Our yummy solution: The week has just begun and you feel tired already? Time to buy some dark chocolate from the store! It is recommended that you indulge in small proportions of dark chocolate, two-three times a week. This will ensure a smooth blood flow, prevent the formation of clots, inflammation and cell damage.

Quick fact: If you eating dark chocolate every day, it reduces the risk of heart disease by one-third.

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#11. Increases Your Endurance

Increases Your Endurance

Problem: Fatigue, Sleepiness.

Our yummy solution: Have a tough week ahead? Who says that in a corporate life, all you have to sit is work comfortably in the AC? The life of a corporate is mostly about running around. In order to do that, you need a lot of physical strength as well mental strength. Go for a smooth milk and dark chocolate blend. It will not only take care of your body, but will also provide you with much-needed strength, energy and is a great mood-lifter!

Quick fact: As per a research by London's Kingston University, dark chocolates have so many benefits that it is capable of becoming a "staple part of endurance athletes' diets".

#12. Keeps a balance in blood pressure

Keeps a balance in blood pressure

Problem: Fatigueness.

Our yummy solution: Blood pressure seems to be a normal issue with people, but those who have an imbalance in blood pressure feel the difference mostly. Well, why worry when you have Superhero ‘Dark Chocolate’ to the rescue! The ‘love’ is rich in minerals such as copper and magnesium, which will ensure that your blood pressure has a smooth run.

Quick fact: Dark chocolate contains lots of antioxidants that helps your cardiovascular system by reducing blood pressure.

Did you go through all the facts which will ensure that you intake more of dark chocolate? While it is good to consume it in small quantities, excessive of anything is bad. So make sure that you consume it in limits. And next time you feel guilty about eating a dark chocolate, you can simply think about all the beauty benefits that you would be getting out of them and buy some more! Aloha!

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