5 Significant Reasons Why Your Wife Might Be Cheating On You


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5 Significant Reasons Why Your Wife Might Be Cheating On You

Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA and author of such books as Why Him? Why Her? concluded from her extensive research on human behaviour that women are more likely to have an affair because of loneliness.

The reasons as to why a wife may cheat on her husband could be many. And, men may want to know some of the common reasons that impel their wives towards it, and be prepared, so that they can prevent this from happening to them. So, read on to understand the reasons why a wife will go ahead and cheat on her husband. 

#1. You do not share any physical intimacy

It is quite possible that with increased responsibilities, physical intimacy between you and your wife might cease to exist. Physical intimacy helps keep the spark alive, and when it no longer exists in a marriage, a woman might seek such a relationship with another man. So, take time out from your busy schedule for your wife and make sure that your love life is rocking.

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#2. She is insecure about you

A major reason why your wife may cheat on you is that, she is insecure in her relationship with you. She might think that she is not good enough for you, and that you may be interested in other women. And, this can make her suffer from a low self-esteem. Not every woman with a low self-esteem will cheat, but this can be a possible reason. So, make sure you shower your wife with compliments, and pay good amount of attention to her.

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#3. You are not there for her emotionally

It could very well be possible that while you are tending to her physical needs, you might not be there for her emotionally. A woman does need her man to support her emotionally. If you do not provide it, in a matter of time, she might be seeking it outside. So, make sure you fulfil her emotional needs and are there for her when she needs to open up her heart.

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#4. You are not tender with her

For a relationship to flourish, certain amount of tenderness is very important. If you become very blunt in your relationship, then rest assured that you will hurt your wife's sentiments and this can affect your relationship. So, a wife could go seeking that tenderness elsewhere. A hug while you leave for office, kissing her tenderly when you come back home, or even listening to what she did the whole day, can make a woman feel happier and wanted. So, make sure none of these go missing.

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#5. You may have hurt her

Your wife may remember the time when you broke her trust. Not necessarily by cheating on her, but in some major way that hurt her a lot. Cheating on you with another man could be her way of giving it back to you. So, make sure your actions show that you are sorry about what you did and try your best to regain her trust, before your relationship starts to suffer.

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Talking about infidelity in a marriage, there could be other reasons as well apart from these common ones, specific to 'your' relationship. You just need to understand what is lacking in your marriage and fill that void, so that you both can always live a happy married life together.

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