5 Most Common Honeymoon Mistakes That You Must Avoid


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5 Most Common Honeymoon Mistakes That You Must Avoid

For any couple who are about to get married, be it a love or an arranged marriage, honeymoon is the most anticipated vacation. Planning of the destination, duration of the stay, activities to bond over, etc., start way before the wedding itself. And, to make your trip truly perfect, here we give you 5 most common mistakes couples (even smart couples) end up making. So, read and learn, we say!

#1. Not checking the destination and hotel reviews

Nowadays with so many luxurious, scenic and wonderful honeymoon destination options available, most couples make their decision after surfing various websites on the Internet. What they don’t do is, check the destination and the hotel reviews by people who have already visited that place. The pictures shown on the official websites can be deceptive and alluring at times.

Smart Move: There are a number of trusted review websites available online (tripadvisor, lonelyplanet, mygola, etc.) that can give you first-hand information on the destinations and accommodation options.

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#2. Not rechecking the reservations

The wedding season is followed by the honeymoon one. Most of the hotels and resorts at popular honeymoon destinations are always booked beforehand. It is therefore always better to call and confirm your hotel bookings at least a week before you leave.

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Smart MoveA phone call can save you the horror of not having proper accommodation when you land in a foreign land. Also, recheck for the fulfilment of any other special request or arrangements that you have asked for, to make sure everything is ready before you arrive.

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#3. Not reviewing the packed luggage

Amongst all the hustle and bustle of the wedding and its preparations, it is common to forget important things while packing your honeymoon bag. Always check if you have packed essentials, like your medicines, sunscreen lotion, your reading glasses, etc. And, don’t forget the most important of them all- your relevant documents.

Smart MoveYou must always make a list of all the things you would need, and then keep crossing out items as you place them in your bag.

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#4. Not taking weather into consideration

At no particular destination will the weather remain same all around the year. You never know that the beach destination that you are planning for might be caught in the midst of monsoon season when you arrive. Or, surely you would hate catching up with snowfall at your mountain destination honeymoon. Another important reason to find out the weather conditions of your destination is, to save yourself from packing mistakes as well.

Smart MoveIt is best to take some trouble and do some online research on the weather conditions in your shortlisted destinations before you finalise one. 

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#5. Over-planning and excitement

Lastly, we know how excited you must be to go on your honeymoon with your spouse, after the wedding madness is over. But don’t plan too much. Sometimes when you are over-excited for something, things don’t actually turn out to be as good as you had imagined them to be. So, leave your unrealistic expectations or over-worked imagination back at home!

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Smart MoveTake things as they come. Go with an intention of getting to know each other better; and have a gala time. 

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Follow these simple tips and make your honeymoon the most perfect and romantic start of your new life together!

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