Here Are 7 Honeymoon Trends That Are Different Yet Enjoyable


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Here Are 7 Honeymoon Trends That Are Different Yet Enjoyable

That fairytale break after getting hitched is no more just about the couples being together in a usual romantic way. Honeymoon, today stands different with unique dimensions added to it. From making the post-wedding break shorter, to having a getaway with a baby bump to having a couple of friends along; there are different twists and turns that are pervading into the realms of honeymoon.

Let’s have a look at few offbeat and even bizarre ideas that can make a post-wedding vacation unique and tailor-made to suit the couples as per their need and fancy. So, here you go!

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#1. Buddymoon

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Three, four, five or even a group is no longer a crowd for the duos who opt for buddymoon. The concept is also called familymoon, friendsmoon or the folkmoon where the idea is to have all that fun, adventure and laughs multiplied. Having your dear ones around not only adds a fun quotient to the holiday but also saves you from that financial squeeze.

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In fact, the getaway with just the two of you can empty your coffers which is not so acceptable by many mindful couples today, and it very much makes sense to continue with the post-wedding celebrations without being bankrupt. It’s also motivating and relaxing to have your extended family members or friends chilling with you. No wonder the concept is rising among the city couple's tactic to save money.

#2. Babymoon

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput

Romance, amusement and seclusion, the agenda is same with the only difference of having someone else on the board. Babymoon is an out and out escape for those pairs who are expecting a baby. A pre-birth getaway allows them to enjoy this phase where they are both with a baby emotionally.

With the little vacation before the baby arrives on the scene, parents-to-be can have one last baby-free holiday. Also, taking your little bundle of joy along to celebrate the end of single life is not a bad idea. Rather it’s a well-deserved break before the due date.

Note- The second trimester is the safest time for pregnant women to travel. And the aim during the trip should be the comfort of the mother as well as the little bundle of joy. But do consult your doctor before planning one!

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#3. Later-moon

Image Courtesy: Instagram
Image Courtesy: Instagram

Be it for managing the finances, taking leaves or having privacy during the off-season, many of the ‘just-married’ couples these days are aiming for a delayed honeymoon, which eases out a lot of things for them.

Couples on a later-moon vacation have an intention to relax when they are out with their significant other and not be there just for the sake of it. Waiting patiently for a romantic honeymoon makes it even more exciting. The smart couples end up having better deals and ample time to pick and choose the best resorts or locales.

#4. Unimoon

Image Courtesy: Queen

Image Courtesy: Queen

Sounds terrible? Believe us! Going solo on a vacation is taking the world by storm. It’s the most unconventional way to celebrate your nuptials. Demanding deadlines, challenging projects and over-scheduling just don’t give newlyweds time to coordinate their honeymoon together, which eventually pushes them to go on individual vacation or unimoon.

The most important moments are spent all by yourself and not with your loved one. All the enjoyment and celebration is done in the absence of your spouse. Well, for many it might be an excellent trend as the absence makes your heart grow fonder, but for a lot, there is no point managing work if your better half has to be left behind.

#5. Maxi-moon

Shabir Ahluwalia and Kanchi Kaul

There are a few who just can’t let that romantic experience go away for anything in the world. And there they are on their full-fledged and luxurious honeymoon trip making it a maxi-moon. Their idea is to have a long break and extended tailor-made honeymoon. And maxi-moon does exactly what it says- it maximises the fun, time and romance.

The couples make the most of the post-wedding holiday in every way possible. In short, it’s a mega trip doing full justice to whatever the couple have in their minds and hearts. Exotic location, lavish food, deluxe spas and high-octane adventure sports are what they have in their to-do list during the maxi-moon.

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#6. Mini-moon

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

The concept of mini-moon emerges for several reasons out of which money and time crunch holds much water. For those couples whose calendar days are numbered, mini-moon comes as a huge score and respite. For a brief adventure, couples can explore nearby cities or hill stations.

Those who cannot afford to spend after splashing out so much on their wedding, find mini-moon as a consolation and compensation for not making it big. Having taken leaves already for wedding preparations, these couples are happy being on their miniature trip. ‘Something is better than nothing’ is what’s in their mind.

#7. Adventure-moon

Shikha Singh with husband Karan Shah

It’s for those whose only way to enjoy is to experience the thrill of adventure sports. Sky is the limit for these cool and happening couples. From skiing down mighty mountains, scuba diving to desert safari and deep sea diving; the daring couples can have it all to feel that adrenaline rush.

The excitement and the challenge is all that matters for those who choose an adventure-moon for themselves. It’s double the thrill, kick and fun for the cool couples.

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Are you too looking for an unconventional holiday or you just want to unwind in that common way? Do let us know whether you are an adventure couple, would like to maximise or minimise it as per your requirements. Share it all with us in the comments section below!

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