Fashion Hacks For Girls Who Have Broad Shoulders; Style Tricks How To Look Slim


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Fashion Hacks For Girls Who Have Broad Shoulders; Style Tricks How To Look Slim

While some women have naturally broad shoulders, others develop them due to their athletic inclinations. Some people think that women with broad shoulders can look 'masculine'. But all you people, who think broad is not beautiful, take a reality check!

Having broad shoulders is not a disadvantage. In fact, these women can easily rock any outfit. They just need to keep a few style tricks in mind to camouflage those shoulders. So, all you broad-shouldered girls out there, read on our tips to flaunt your figure in style!

#1. Go for scoop necks and V-necks

If you are well-endowed, then and scoop necks will work to your advantage. Look at how Sonakshi makes the best use of this trick with a printed dress and a scoop neckline. In fact, we absolutely love her dress for softening her shoulders so well! And if you are not comfortable with too much of a skin show, then you can try out Huma's look. Simply, pair your V-neck dress with a netted top.

You must, however, avoid wearing spaghetti straps, halter necks and boat necks, as these tend to elongate your shoulders.

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#2. Choose dresses that add volume below your waist

You too can sizzle like our broad-shouldered Bollywood divas, just by adding fluff or volume below the waist. This tends to balance out your broad shoulders. 

Do not ever wear a dress, no matter how tempting it looks, which is heavily embellished on top. Also, avoid dresses and tops with shoulder pads or puffs as they will end up making you look disproportionate.

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#3. Try out collarless jackets or blazers

Sonam Kapoor is the perfect inspiration to illustrate this point. Considering her body shape is not petite, she judiciously wears jackets that elongate her figure, and creates an illusion of a proportionate body. If you are getting a custom-made jacket or blazer, go for a collarless stitch and make sure you instruct your designer to keep it a little below your waist.

One thing you must avoid is to wear structured and padded jackets as they add more width and focus on your already broad shoulders.

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#4. Play out your legs with wide-legged pants 

By now, you would have understood the logic behind wearing fluff below your waist? The same rule applies when you are shopping for pants. Opt for pants that balance out the broadness on top. Palazzo pants can create a perfect flare. You can also try out linen trousers and boot-cut pants, for a retro look. 

Avoid wearing slim fit pants. However, if you are really fond of them, pair them with chiffon tops that do not stick to your body.

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#5. Experiment with embellished skirts

To shift focus from your shoulders, wear skirts that are flared or embellished with lace or sequins. Even printed skirts can come in handy. Just like Parineeti, you can also wear a pencil skirt with an interesting print. A little flare around the waist again pulls attention away from her shoulders. You can also dabble with Sonam's look, if you have an enviable waist. Highlight it by wearing a crop top with your skirt. 

You must avoid wearing plain skirts with embellished or embroidered tops, as this will push the focus more towards your shoulders.

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Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Grow your hair long so that they do not fall right above your shoulders as this will highlight your broad upper even more
  • If you have very thin hair, curl or perm them, so that the added volume shifts the focus away from your shoulders
  • Wear long and intricately done neckpieces instead of those that stay put around your neck to divert attention away from your shoulders

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So, we really do hope that these styling tips will help you make wise decisions about what to buy to camouflage your wide shoulders. And, while you are at it, remember that it is just not the clothes that make you stand out, but your diva like attitude too! © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.