25 Funny And Naughty Couple Games To Have Some Fun Together While Drinking

Spice up your date nights with your partner with these funny and interesting games. Here is a complete list of games that will be your 'best friend' for a date night.


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25 Funny And Naughty Couple Games To Have Some Fun Together While Drinking

Getting married or being in a relationship doesn't mean you take the other person for granted. After all, everyone loves a little attention, and things get better when you make special efforts for date night. If you are someone, who loves getting drunk with your partner, then spice up things by playing fun games. Believe us, it will instantly level up your love life and will bring the magic back into your relationship.

For those who think, drinking games are just for the movies. A big N-O! They are a good way to break the ice, help in moving on from a bad fight and bring you closer as a couple. It is even a great tactic to bring the spark back in your relationship after kids. You can even save drinking games for special days. So, here we have a list of 25 drinking games perfect to play with your partner.

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#1. Let's stare!

Re-live your childhood by playing the game of stare. However, this time, you are going to play with your bae after getting one or two shots down. You can play it on one of your date nights. All you need to do is stare straight into the eyes of your partner, and the one who blinks first loses the game and has to drink another shot.  

#2. Crack a joke

Turn your date night into a laughter riot! Really, people get super funny when they are drunk, especially if it's your partner. So, do your homework, and think up some of the funniest jokes to make your partner laugh within just 30 seconds. The one, who fails to make the other laugh, has to fulfil the other's wish. 

#3. How much do you know each other?

Another great drinking game is a fun question-and-answer round. While we think it is a risky game, we are sure that most couples will have fun playing it. All you need to do is ask your partner five questions about yourself, it could be anything, and they have to answer really quickly. The one with the highest number of correct answers will win the quiz and a kiss. You can spice up things, by adding a rule that every incorrect answer will have consequences. It might be anything from naughty to nice. 

#4. Turn your date into a 'paint date'

Everything gets better when you have colours in your hand. The fun doubles when you are drunk. All you need to do is challenge your partner in simple painting or drawing competitions. Pick up your painting colours or sketch pen, and get doodling. The one who draws better wins the game, and the one who doesn't, have to drink the extra shots. Also, the plus point, is that you will have a great souvenir of a happy night with you. 

#5. Truth or dare

Truth and dare, is one of the most controversial games, whether you are drunk or not. So, be safe, and instead of asking for some scary truths or dares, think up of some simple ones, and turn your date night into a happy one. 

#6. Pen fight

Every '90s kid has played the game of a pen fight with their class partners. It was an icebreaker for new classmates, and every kid loved it. So, how about playing this game on your next date night? The one who loses the pen fight will have to drink a shot. For those who don't know, all you need is two pens and a table. Now, you have to aim and strike the other person's pen down the table. 

#7. Rock, paper and scissors 

When we were young, we all played the popular game of rock, paper and scissors. The best part about this game is you need no extra material. You can play this on a date night and relive your childhood with the one you love the most. However, you can turn this childhood game into an intimate one by adding a rule. Every time you win, you will have to take a shot, and the other person has to take two shots. We are sure you will have tonnes of laughter and giggles by the end of it.

#8. Simon says!  

Another fun game to play with your partner while getting drunk is this one. Since you are playing this on a date night, you can have one by adding your own set of naughty instructions to spice up things. All you need to do is give some instructions by saying 'Simon says!' Be creative as this will instantly turn your date night into a fun night to remember for weeks. 

#9. Drunken scrabbles

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This one is for all the grammar nazis! If your partner is one, then you need to play it on your drunken night. Take out your scrabble and get going! However, the twist is that you have to only think about some of the easy words and no hard words. 

#10. Snake and ladders

Another fun and interesting game that we all loved playing in our two months of summer vacation. You can play this game on a date night. You can add your own rule that every time a person climbs the ladder, he/she will have to drink a shot. And every time one gets eaten by a snake, the other person has to give a kiss. Isn't it a sweet way to subside the pain (just saying)? 

#11. Never have I ever...

This is a famous party game. While it is played in a group, you can play it with your partner on a date and when you are a few shots down. In the game, partners have to take turns asking about things they have not done. For example, you give a statement, 'Never have I Ever (kissed my best friend). The one who has kissed their best friend shall drink. The best part about this game is that you can give any statement to know your partner better. 

#12. Antakshri 

Remember, 'Baithe baithe bore hue, karna hai kuch kaam, shuru karo antakshri'? Well, we all have forgotten this game in the world of digital mobiles. But this game, wherein we used to sing the filmy songs, is a great one for adding a romantic vibe to date nights. In fact, after getting drunk, your partner will come up with the most romantic songs. You can even play this game with beer bottles, under the star. Believe us, it will be a night, you will remember for years.

#13. Spin the bottle

Another drinking game is 'Spin the bottle', which will add excitement to your date night. However, instead of spinning the bottle between you and your partner, you spin it between a couples of objects, it can be anything from chocolate, a bowl of ice, a cake, strawberries, or anything you can think of. Now, spin the bottle, and whatever the cap of the bottle points at, your partner will need to use it to entertain you. Play this in turn for a romantic night! 

#14. Make a wish with a coin flip

If you do not have board games or fancy stuff, then flipping a coin will be the best game. The best thing about this game is that it is quick and you can play many rounds. Take a coin, and flip it turns. Your partner needs to guess whether it is heads or tails. If the partner guesses it right, you will have to fulfil their one wish. Every round will start with a sip of alcohol. In case, the partner fails to guess, you can ask them to strip. 

#15. Bum Charades

If you want to have a laughing riot with your partner on a date night after getting drunk, then bum charades is the best game you can play. In the usual charades, you have to use your hands and enact the movie name. However, in the bum charades, you use your bum. Yes, it is super hilarious to play this game and the fun doubles after a few shots. 

#16. Guess it right?

Another interesting couple drinking game is to guess the word. It is a romantic drinking game that can bring you closer. All you need to do is take turns and you need to draw a single word using your fingers on your parnet's back or nape of their neck. For example, if you have chosen the word, kiss, then draw K first, then I, then S and then S. Let your partner guess the alphabet word by word. If they guessed it correct, you lose and you need to take a shot.

#17. Quack, Quack!

Here is another '90s game that you loved as a child — Quack, quack. You can play it as one of the couple games after getting drunk. You need to count but on every 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and so on...  you have to say quack instead of the number. The one who forgets to say quack, will have to drink a shot. It gets funnier and more difficult after every shot.

#18. Pop the balloon

If you are with your other married or committed friends, then this is a game you all will love. In this, you need a lot of balloons and burst as many as you can after taking two shots. You can add your own rules. The couple, who bursts balloons will win the game. 

#19. Let's have some candies

Here is another fun drinking game to play with your partner. You need a packet of candies and a bowl. Put the candies in two bowls and place it on a table. Set a timer! Keep your hands at the back, and you need to take out the candies by using your mouth. The rule is you can take only one candy at a time. The one, who has less number of candies, will have to drink a shot. And the winner can ask the other person to do anything. 

#20. Who is most likey to?

This is one of those Instagram games, wherein you have to answer a couple of questions. Make chits and write your questions and put them in a bowl. Take one chit out and read the question. Together you have to answer who is most likely to do that thing by pointing a finger. If the choice between you and your partner is different, you both have to drink a shot.

Here are some of the question ideas you can use:

Who is most likely to not shower for days?
Who is most likely to eat something that has fallen on the ground?
Who is most likely to laugh while crying?
Who is most likely to get late for a party?
Who takes most time while getting ready?

#21. State a fact

Fact check is another interesting couple drinking game. You need nothing but a sharp memory. In this game, you have to take turns and state a fact about your parnter. It can be anything from basic to big. The rules are simple, if you repeat a fact or state a false fact, you have to drink a sip. 

#22. Roll a dice 

After drinking a few shots, you can play this sensuous couple drinking game. All you need to have is a dice, roll it in turns. Every time the number is even, the person have to take a shot, and if the number is odd, you have to remove a piece of clothing. It is super romantic game that will instantly make you fall in love with each other again.

#23. Two truths and a lie

In this couple drinking game, you will take turns and tell three statements to your partner. In this two will be truths and one will be a lie. Your partner will have to find the lie. If they fail to do so, they have to drink a shot. But if they guessed it right, you have to drink two shots.

#24. Shuffle it

In this couple drinking game, you require a lot of shot glasses. Now, fill only one with alcohol and the remaining glasses with water. Now, shuffle all the glasses so that none of you remembers which has alcohol. Start drinking in turns. The one that gets the alcohol has to perform a dance. 

#25. Poker face

Here is another fun couple drinking game. In this, you need a lot of paper chits, and you have to write naughty sentences on them. Now, put them in a bowl. Both of you have to take turns picking up a chit. Here is the catch, you have to maintain a straight face while reading it aloud. You cannot laugh, wince or show any other expression. If you maintain a poker face, you win. The one who reacts will have to take a shot.

Believe it or not, drinking games are a great way to reignite love in a relationship. You can even spill out some secrets in a fun way, which otherwise would never dare. It also takes out the fun side of your partner and helps you become each other's best friend. Try out these quirky couple drinking games. Let us know which one was your favourite game!

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