30 Couple Games To Play With Your Partner To Have Fun While Spending Quality Time With Each Other

Are you worried about not spending enough time with your partner? Here are some exciting couple games to rekindle the love in your relationship.


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30 Couple Games To Play With Your Partner To Have Fun While Spending Quality Time With Each Other

It's quite common for couples to fall out of love because of the monotonous lifestyle. And in the day to day life, spending quality time with each other takes a backseat, which eventually starts showing in the relationship. To break the monotony, couples nowadays are putting extra effort to spend more time with one another.

And one of the best ways is to play some couple games. Many couples indulge themselves in various games to feel a positive vibe and stay connected emotionally. It does not just break the monotonous lifestyle, but also brings the couple closer and gives them a chance to spend more time with one another. So, without further ado, let’s look at some games, couples would enjoy playing together.

#1. Romantic Scrabble

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Have you ever tried romantic scrabble? If not, then you should definitely try this one. You can add your own rules to the game like one is allowed to only make romantic words on the board. To add more fun to it, the partner has to kiss their beau after scoring a point.

#2. Drinking Game


For this game, take some drinks, like wine or any other soft drink of your choice. After you are set with the drinks in your glass, each partner will ask a question to the other. The person answering the question can only use ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If the answer is ‘yes’, then the person answering the question has to take a sip from the drink and if the answer is ‘no’, then no one has to drink.

#3. Card Games


One of the common games among couples is card games, where you have a variety of options to choose from. From games like Uno, blackjack, poker, war and so on. If you feel like taking the game a notch higher, then try King’s Cup and Gin Rummy too.

#4. Truth Or Dare


Every couple is aware of the famous truth or dare game as it never gets old. In the game, if the person chooses, Truth, you can ask any question, and if dare is chosen, you can make them do anything for you. This is the best game to know some secrets of your bay as you can ask all the personal questions to him or her.

Here are a few truth-or-dare questions that you can try with your partner:

   1. Describe the most embarrassing moment of your life.

   2. Have you ever proposed to your crush?

   3. Name one thing, you would never do even if you were offered a lot of money.

   4. What is the one feature you hate in your partner?

   5. Have you ever lied to your partner?

#5. Cook A Meal Game


We have all seen the game of Pretzel, which involves couples to twists a dough into the shape of pretzels. Just like the pretzel game, you can try this game to spend some amazing time in the kitchen. For this game, you have to select a dish of your choice and cook it separately with a timer. Whosoever finishes first wins the game.

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#6. Stare Into My Eyes


This is the best childhood game we played with our friends. But, when you try it with your partner, it will definitely add more charm. In this game, you have to look into each other’s eyes and see who blinks or looks away first. The one, who blinks or looks away will get a punishment. This is the best way to rekindle your relationship.

#7. The Picture Game

This is another fun game which you can try with your partner, and you can add your own rules to it. For this game, take a small box and paste various romantic pictures like a picture showing kiss or a picture of two people hugging each other. Then throw the box like a dice and ask your partner to do what the picture is asking him/her to do.

#8. Reenact A Movie Or Rom-Com Scene

For couples who love binge-watching together, this is a fun game to try out. While watching a movie or your favourite sitcom, you can reenact your favourite scene from the same along with your partner. This is the best game to be yourself and bring the fun element in each other.’

#9. Origami Games

This game is meant for couples, who are creative. All you need is a bundle of colourful papers and some creativity. Search for videos on YouTube and you are all set. You can either create origami together or compete with one another with a timer.

#10. Two Truths And A Lie


This game is the best way to learn more things about your partner. In this game, you and your partner have to take turns and say one false and two true things about yourself. The other partner has to guess which statement was true and which one was false.

#11. Fun Charades


The game of Charades never gets old. During our childhood days, we played this game using the names of the movies. However, you can add an excellent twist to it by not only choosing movies, instead, but you can also use inside jokes, your partner’s favourite phrase and other common interests and enact accordingly, while the other person guesses it. This game will also let you know how much you know your partner.

#12. This Or That


The game ‘This or That’ is quite a popular game. This game gives an idea of your partners’ likes and dislikes. This is a superb game for couples, who have just begun their relationship. You have to give two options in a question, and the person answering it has to respond to it quickly.

A few examples of this game are:

1. Sunrise or sunset?

2. Beaches or mountains?

3. Dinner date or movie date?

4. Kiss or cuddle?

5. Wine or beer?

#13. Atlas


This is quite an intellectual game and couples can get competitive in it. In this game, you have to name a city/country, and the other person has to continue with the last alphabet. If any one of you fails to continue, the person loses the game.

#14. Guess the tune


This game is quite interesting and very simple too. All you need is a music-playing device, and you are done. Play a few seconds of the song, and your partner has to guess which song it is. You can also amp up the game by only playing romantic songs.

#15. Romantic Treasure Hunt


Choose the final treasure spot and decorate it in the most romantic manner. Leave cute notes to guide your partner towards the final treasure. Place cute gifts along with each clue. The final treasure can be anything like a cosy candlelight dinner or a movie. It is one of the most exciting games and will surely light up the romance in your life.

#16. Sing Along Challenge (Antakshri)


In this game, you sing a song and your partner has to continue with another song based on the last word of the song you sang. If your partner fails to come up with a song, he/she loses the game, making you the ultimate winner.

#17. Ring The Bell

This is one of the funniest games usually played by kids. In Ring the bell, you have to ring doorbells and run as fast as you can before anyone answers the door. You also need to place anything special at the doorbell to surprise the people.

#18. Video Games


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Video games are one of the best stress busters, and couples can have a fun time with one another. There are a wide variety of video games you can try, like Mario Party, Bomberman, Cuphead, Mario Kart and many others.

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#19. Board Games

If you are not a big video game lover, then board games are the best for you. Some of the best board games that couples can play are Checkers, Flash, Hive, Monopoly, Jenga, Sushi Go!, Battle Line and many others. Board games are the best when you think about spending some quality time with your partner.

#20. Fun Roleplay


Who is your partner’s favourite character? It can be from a movie, book, TV series, comic or anime. You can dress up like it along with the mannerisms and put up a nice act. You can enact like the character and make your partner laugh his/her heart out. This game is the most innovative way to tell your bae how much you love him/her.

#21. Karaoke


Play the karaoke version of the song you and your partner love the most. Download the Karaoke app and play it on your device. Now enjoying singing the song along with your partner. It doesn’t matter whether you are not a good singer or don’t know the lyrics, what matters is the fun you will have with your partner.

#22. Tongue Twister

One of the best ways to tickle your funny bones is to play tongue twisters. Give your partner some amazing tongue twisters and see him/her fumble. It is one of the best games for couples to have some hearty laughter.

Here are some of the famous tongue twisters:

1. She sells seashells by the seashore.

2. How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?

3. I saw Susie sitting in a shoeshine shop.

4. I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch.

5. He threw three free throws.

#23. Name That Episode


Are you one of those couples, who loves to binge-watch? Then, this quiz is perfect for you as it involves questions related to your favourite shows and sitcoms. You can only ask questions from the show that both of you have watched together. Like, if you are a fan of FRIENDS, then play the episode where Rachel and Ross marry each other after getting drunk in Las Vegas and ask your partner to guess the name of the episode.

#24. Blow The Balloon

This is an easy game to play with your partner. In this game, you and your partner will have a set of balloons, and you have to blow them at the given time. The person who blows the maximum number of balloons wins the game.

 #25. Taste The Test


This is one of the most romantic games and will definitely add a lot of romance to your relationship. For this game, bring some delicacies from your fridge without showing them to your partner. Blindfold your bae and ask them to guess the item after tasting it. Some great options for the same can be cake, chocolates, and fruits. You can also confuse your partner by mixing two things together like cake and chips.

#26. How Much Do You Know ‘Us’

This is the best game to revive your relationship. Be it your first movie, your first kiss or what you ate on your first dinner date, you can ask as many questions as you want that are related to your relationship. And your partner has to guess the correct answer. This game will also give you an idea about your partner’s sharp memory.

#27. You Laugh, You Lose


If you are one of those couples, who enjoy comedy movies and shows, then this game is surely for you. Play any funny video for you and your partner, hold your laughter and whosoever laughs first losses the game. The winner can also give punishments to the one who lost the game.

#28. Rhyme It Up


This is the perfect way of letting your artistic side take a front seat. Write a line for your partner and ask him/her to continue it along with the proper rhyme. This game is played together as both partners have to pen the lines until a beautiful meaningful poem is created. Whosoever finishes it first wins the game.

#29. Never Have I Ever

For this game, take a piece of paper and write ‘ I Have’ on one side and ‘Never’ on the other side. Ask tricky questions to your partner, and he or she has to show the side that applies to them. For example, “Have you ever kissed in public?” If it applies to you, then show ‘I Have’ and if it doesn’t apply to you, then show, ‘Never’.

#30. Twenty-Five Questions


This is a game to know everything about your partner. This game is best for couples, who are just in the beginning phase of their relationship. Make a list of 25 questions and ask your partner as quickly as possible, just like a rapid fire. This is the best way to know your partner.

Here are some of the most interesting questions :

1. Who is your celebrity crush?

2. Have you ever drunk-dialled your ex?

3. What superpower did you wish to have for a day?

4. Have you ever checked your partner’s phone?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

#1. Which games can I play with my partner at home?

There are a variety of games like Truth or Dare, Fun Charades, Atlas, Stare Into My Eyes, Never Have I Ever.

#2. Which is the best food game to play with my partner?

 Taste The Test

#3. Which are the best board games for couples?

Checkers, Flash, Hive, Monopoly, Jenga, Sushi Go.

#4. Which is the best singing game for couples?

Karaoke, Guess The Tune, Sing Along Challenge (Antakshri)

These games are not just good stressbusters but also help couples to understand each other better while spending some cherishing moments together. Play these games and never let your relationship undergo any dull moment.

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