19 Things All Makeup Artists Want Girls To Stop Doing Right Now


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19 Things All Makeup Artists Want Girls To Stop Doing Right Now

Makeup is something that most women love. And why not, is there any harm in loving something that makes you look beautiful and fresh? We think not!

However, the thing about applying makeup is that one should know its art. Doing it the right way can make you look like a more refined, pretty and confident version of you, whereas, if overdone or done the wrong way, you can end up looking like a clown.

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Thus, we bring you the most common makeup applying tricks that you think are cool but trained makeup artists from around the world want you to stop doing. So, without further ado, here we go:  

#1. Applying the wrong tone of foundation 

Okay girls, let’s get one thing straight; foundation is supposed to even out your skin tone and not make it 10 tones fairer! Applying foundation that doesn’t suit your skin tone can make your face look made up, unreal and cakey. Always consult with the makeup expert at the store before buying it off the rack.

#2. Applying too many layers of base

For a day-to-day routine, just a single layer of base is sufficient to cover the spots and even out your skin tone. You can apply a second coat if required only when you need to really dress up heavily for a grand occasion, that too for a night event. Applying too more layers than that will be like wearing a placard on yourself that reads- "I have a lot of makeup on."

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#3. Going in for too many skin treatments

Natural home remedies are best to prevent skin ailments like rashes, pigmentation, and pimples etc. Also, it is better to use natural scrubs on your face than going in for chemical treatments from the parlour very frequently because such treatments, over a period of time, start to make your face look dull and fastens the aging process.

#4. Pulling your eyes while applying liner

Gif via Tumblr

Gif via Tumblr

Yes, we all are guilty of doing that because it comes naturally to us out of habit. But, according to makeup artists, it not only loosens the skin but also forms cracks and creases in the liner. Instead, start applying the eyeliner backwards, stoke by stroke, starting from the end of your lash line towards the beginning.

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#5. Applying lip liner outside the lip line

If you want to make your lips look fuller and bigger, applying the lip liner outside of your lip line won’t do you any good ladies! Instead, it will make your lips and your lipstick application look shabby. A lip plumper along with regular application of a moisture enriched vitamin E lip balm, is what will really help you for the same.

#6. Dipping your fingers inside the makeup bottles

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

Ewwww! That’s the most dangerous thing you can do to your skin. Our finger tips are full of germs because of which, inserting them into the bottles will transfer the germs in their too, and then on to your face. Yes, that’s a gross cycle and should be absolutely avoided.

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#7. Knowing how to do the brows the right way

Dark eyebrows can totally enhance the way you look, but at the same time, painting your brows black in an inverted semi circle will make you look like a zombie. Thus, use a brow shaping brush to first comb the brushes right and then, using an eyebrow pencil, gently stroke over your freshly brushed and shaped eyebrows.

#8. Sticking to just one style

It is true that everyone has their own individual style. Some girls love dark-coloured lips, while some loved the winged liner look. But don’t let it get boring. Keep changing and experimenting with your look. It makes you look fresher and different and isn’t change always a good thing? It sure is!

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#9. Applying makeup in dim light

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

Have you ever noticed how many lights are switched on all around the makeup chair when you go to a salon? While applying makeup, always make sure that you have proper lighting. You might feel you look all right but once you go out in brighter light, the makeup might just turn out to be either too dark or too light.

#10. Matte is not ‘the only’ type of makeup

There is no doubt about the fact that matte products are stay longer and give a classier and more elegant finish, but remember that there are other types too. Appling only one kind of makeup will make you look boring and plus, your skin will also feel left out. Get some glitter and shimmer on already!!

#11. Applying all makeup products at once

Makeup needs to be applied in accordance with the time that you wish to go out; day or night, the outfit that you are wearing; heavy Indian wear or casual westerns and the occasion. Accordingly, a light touch up, a heavily done look or just a simple kohl and gloss should be applied on.

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#12. Applying blush in a blob

People like Kareena Kapoor Khan are blessed with skin tones that come with a natural pink blush-on, on the required areas. Trying to ape that by applying blobs of blush on your cheeks can make the face look weird. Thus, always apply it gently, in light strokes using a blush on brush, and choose the correct colour for your skin tone. There are also a lot of videos on Youtube to master the art of applying the blush.

#13. Applying other people’s makeup

This is the main reason why skin problems such as rashes or acne occur. Different people have different skin types. An oily skin makeup product might not suit your dry face and vice-versa. Also, sharing lip balms and lipsticks, kohl pencils and blush ons can transfer skin infections and germs. 

#14. Not cleaning your tools

Makeup tools and brushes accumulate a lot of left over makeup traces along with dust in their bristles. Not cleaning them regularly or using someone else’s brushes can cause major skin problems. And, even though beauty experts keep emphasising on this, not everyone follows this tip cautiously.

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#15. Keeping the phone on loud

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

This one is specifically when you get your makeup done from an artist. The phone ringing out loud again and again is a major distraction for the artist. And the worst part is when you take calls in between the makeup application session and expect the artist to continue their work. Not really fair, is it?

#16. Curling your eye lashes after applying mascara

Your eye lashes will not look any fuller or bigger by curling them after applying the mascara. The trick is to do so while applying it along with moving the brush on the lashes back and forth.

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#17. Understand that a bronzer is not a makeup setting powder

A bronzer is used to highlight your face a bit, but mostly the places where there isn’t much makeup like your neck, your back etc. Shimmer bronzers also look good if applied correctly on the cheek bones. That’s about it. So, stop using it as a makeup setting powder already!

#18. Disturbing the artist while he/she is doing their job

Asking the artist to wait every time you get a call, not keeping your face still, blinking your eyes too much when the artist is applying eye makeup, not keeping your head firm while getting your hair set etc. can be very irritating for the makeup artist, and we can’t really blame them for it, can we? 

#19. Be less demanding

A professional makeup artist puts in a lot of time, money and effort to learn the art of makeup application. You absolutely have the right to tell them what kind of makeup you want for yourself, but demanding to look celebrity like when you have skin full of acne or wanting to look like snow white when you are on the dusky side etc and being rude and demanding is an insult to the artist. They know their job well and trusting them gives them the confidence to deliver their best. So, just sit back and get gorgeous!

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These are just few of the things that all makeup experts want all women to know. But if you too happen to be a makeup artist and have something to add here, feel free to share your views in our comments section below!

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