17 Things That Women In Their 30s Are Tired Of Hearing


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17 Things That Women In Their 30s Are Tired Of Hearing

Irrespective of what her age is, women nowadays have to listen to a lot of unwanted advice and suggestions that the world has to offer them. Especially, when they cross a certain age, the world thinks it is ‘the end of the world’ for them. At 30, they are subjected to so many suggestions as to how they must live their lives, what they should choose, what they should let go of, and so many other things that stepping out of the house, sometimes, feels totally unnecessary! So, here is a list of all those annoying things that people should seriously quit saying to them already, and what the women who hear these statements want to reply back!

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#1. Why are you not getting married?

reactions to not married at 30

Well, that is absolutely none of your business!

#2. Are you sure you do not want to have another child?

reactions to not married at 30

My life, my marriage, my body, my uterus, I DECIDE!

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#3. Time is running out!

reaction to not married at 30

Yes, I know, so if you would please excuse me, I need to stop speaking to you and get out of here!

#4. It is time you should start colouring your hair

reaction to not married at 30

I am an attractive, independent, successful, well-dressed and friendly person, and out of all that, a few grey hair is what you notice? Great!!

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#5. You women nowadays just overdo everything. Why can you not just age gracefully?

reaction to not married at 30

Because we want to look young and there is nothing wrong in that!

#6. Do you feel lonely without a life partner

reaction to not married at 30

No, I do not, and I will find one when I have to. Thanks for your advice though, NOT!!

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#7. You are too involved in your job and need to understand that there is a life beyond it

reaction to not married at 30

You are too involved in my life, which is really not your sphere to interfere. And, you need to understand that you need to back off! With all due respect that is!

#8. Now that time is not really on your side, stop being so choosy

reaction to not getting married at 30

When I marry Tom Cruise, do not be surprised!!

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#9. Many years down the line, you will regret the time you are wasting!

reactions to not married at 30

But I am enjoying my time now, and I know how I plan to spend it in the future too. So thanks, but no thanks for your concern!

#10. You need to learn to live life the right way because you are doing it all wrong as of now

reaction to not married at 30

Really? And, who made you my 'life guru' for showing me the correct path?

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#11. I have this single/divorced colleague. Should I set you two up?

reaction to not married at 30

Will you stop thinking of ways to get me hitched already? Get a life dude!! And leave mine alone!

#12. Your body will not be by your side if you delay having kids anymore

reactions to not married at 30

I would appreciate if you let me and my body decide that. I am sure we will work out a reasonable deal!

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#13. Do you want to grow old alone and lonely?

reaction to not married at 30

No, I do not. And even if I do, it is my right to decide that, not yours! So if you could just give me my space, I might actually find someone my type, the way I want to and when I want to.

#14. What are your weekends like?

reactions to not married at 30

One word- AWESOME!! Unlike your boring ones.

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#15. I feel really bad for you!

reactions to not married at 30

I do too for you and the people around you! My sympathies for your family members too!

#16. Maybe some day God will be kind to you too!

reactions to not married at 30

Really, that is so thoughtful of you! What would I ever do if you had not met me and said that to me? You are a gem!!

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#17. There are plenty of fish in the sea, you just need to look closer!

reactions to not married at 30

Then again, some people just don’t get it, and you are one of them! So, I rest my case and choose to ignore you henceforth!

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However hard you try, you will come across such people in your life who will give you a piece of their mind even when you do not ask for it. So, for your own good and peace of mind, ignore them and carry on living your life the way you want to, because you rock girl!!

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