13 Things Everyone In A Long-Distance Relationship Will Surely Relate To


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13 Things Everyone In A Long-Distance Relationship Will Surely Relate To

To fall in love with each other, two people need not necessarily be physically together. And, those in long-distance relationships rightly prove this. Such couples hardly get the opportunity to meet each other face-to-face due to their distant locations. And, they still manage to keep their love going stronger than ever every day. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, agreed such couples face a lot of difficulties, but they also have their own share of fun in life. So, we get you some common things that all the couples in a long-distance relationship will surely relate to.

#1. You love your Internet connection more than anything in the world.

Because that is the only thing that connects you with the love of your life!

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#2. Skype and FaceTime are your favourite places where you two like to go on a date.

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There has not been and never will be an invention as great as these two.

#3. You do not find kissing your phone or computer screen weird, but your friends think you need to see a doctor.

We know it is the only way for you to get ‘physical’ with your partner. And, there is nothing weird about it, not at all!

#4. When you feel super-romantic, your internet stops working.

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#5. You constantly get to hear this from your friends, “You haven’t even met. Are you sure it is love?”

You might get irritated, but let it go. Maybe they are saying this because they love you a lot and are worried about you.

#6. And then, the whole world’s point of view is, "Zyada din nahi chalega, dekh lena."

Because they can predict everything in this world! But then, how come their own life is full of problems?

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#7. And, you envy your friends who always have their partners by their side.

Image Courtesy: Student Of The Year

And, you wish that you also could be with your partner whenever you wanted, just like them.

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#8. Whenever your partner goes through a tough time, you feel terribly bad about not being there with them.

How you wish you could just hug them as tight as possible to make them forget all their sorrows and pain.

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#9. At home, at the movies, in a party and everywhere else, you are always glued to your phone to not miss any message from your love!

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#10. You have dark circles under your eyes, especially if your partner is in a different time zone.

And, you look no less than a zombie during the daytime.

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#11. Your phone and laptop chargers accompany you wherever possible

Of course! What if they die out just before your Skype date is about to begin? Better be prepared than sorry!

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#12. Forgetting to pay your phone bill, which causes your mobile data to cut off, seems like the end of the world to you!

Image Courtesy: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

#13. You always have a beautiful story running in your mind in which you just think about the time you two will meet.

Image Courtesy: Queen

After all, it feels so good to be close to the one you love so much.

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We are sure all those in one such relationship were able to relate to all of these things. And, for others, do not forget to share it with your friends who are in a long-distance relationship.

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