10 Types Of Relatives You Would Meet At An Indian Wedding House


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10 Types Of Relatives You Would Meet At An Indian Wedding House

Love it or hate it, when you get married, you will have to invite all your "close and afar" relatives for your wedding. Like, 'Nisha' who just won't let you lock your wardrobe without emptying it first, or ‘Ajay’ who still blames you for putting that small dent on his new car, or ‘Anita Aunty' who just cannot be avoided because she invited your parents to her sister-in-law's wedding some 12 years ago. Well, where there is a shaadi, there are rishtedaars!

To keep you guarded, here is a crash course you must all take in order to know the types of relatives you might be welcoming into your home at the time of your wedding.

#1. The "advisory" board

The higher they are in the family tree, the more respected they are, and by default are a member of the "advisory board". From finalising the wedding venue and food menu to taking over the wedding planner's role, they will have advices ready to be given out in bulk.

P.S.: They may refuse to listen to you, but you cannot afford to refuse to listen to them until and unless you want to add some 'drama' in your wedding celebrations. Just listen to them with due respect, and then do what your heart says. But, just “listen”, because they like to be heard!

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#2. The “Aloknath brigade"

The sanskaari brigade or the famous "Aloknath brigade" needs no introduction. They are the ones who love doing puja-path and believe in following all the customs religiously. They will also expect you to touch their feet whenever your paths cross, and they would expect their words to be taken as "pathar ki lakeer" when it comes to the traditions.

P.S.: Do not give them a chance to complain about your rearing, because believe us, they will! So, touch feet, listen to them, and follow their words when it comes to rituals and ceremonies. If you have scored satisfactorily, you will be given aashirwaad from the heart.

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#3. The criticisers committee

These relatives hold doctorates in finding faults about everything under the sun. From the food that they actually filled their plates with and your friend who wore a backless dress to the panditji who will be solemnising your wedding and the flowers used for decoration, they will have a problem with nearly all they can think of! 

From direct complains (like “mujhe toh shagun milla hi nahi”) to underhanded comments (like, “haan khaana badiya tha, bas namak kam tha thoda”), their words might often be dripping with sarcasm.

P.S.: This type of rishtedaar needs to be treated like a pinch of salt. After all, bura na maano, shaadi hai! 

#4. The lazy, late-lateef gang

Sleep and slack- this is the mantra of the "lazy, late lateef gang". They are professionals at giving directives, but will never move a muscle to help in wedding preparations. They may even ask you to make nimbu pani on grounds of being tired of running errands. You know the truth, don’t you?

P.S.: Act smart. Just stay away from them, and keep them away from your wedding errands, if you want to get things done around.

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#5. The forever high lot

Rarely anywhere is a shaadi considered complete without daaru. From imported to desi, every variety can be found in the makeshift bar in a shaadi ka ghar. In most cases, the forever high rishtedaar are harmless, but they can end up creating a lot of ruckus and noise.

P.S.: Just do some rationing when it comes to alcohol to avoid unnecessary ruckus during such a happy time of your life. Believe us, you would want your guests to be in high spirits because they are happy for you, and not because of any “spirits”.

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#6. The freeloaders (for attention)

These relatives need no introduction. Whether they are coming from a distant part of the world or even if not, they love to arrive a week early and leave a week after the wedding. They love hogging the limelight by declaring their importance and how without them your wedding will never (ever!) be cited as one of the best in the history of your khandaan!

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P.S.: Follow the mantra of “listen and go” with them too, and keep them at a hand’s distance from your in-law's side, we suggest!

#7. The Eid ka chaand

You will have certainly not seen them in 20 years and it is quite likely that you will never bump into them for next 20 years after your wedding. So, what do you do about it, then? You must out of courtesy exchange pleasantries, but treat them like Eid ka chaand

P.S.: Give them all the love and respect, because you might never see them in next 20 years. But, do make those rishtedaar feel important, who have been with you through thick and thin.

#8. The disco deewane

Well, they will definitely be more excited for your wedding than you. And, this will show when the music starts playing. They will be the first to get on the dance floor and last one to leave. They will leave no chance to show off their dance moves, and even make sure they infect others around with the same level of excitement.

P.S.: Hell yeah! Who doesn’t want such rishtedaars at their homes? Apart from all the rituals and ceremonies, weddings are also about celebrations, right? So, more the merrier we say!

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#9. The wardrobe raiders

If you have cousins of your age or are thronged by admirers of your wardrobe, then be ready to brace your wardrobe. This group will seize your closet and will not give you a chance to turn down their plea to borrow your chic clothes! And well, if it is not your clothes, then it will be your makeup or your accessories that would be exchanging hands often.

P.S.: You better brace yourself and be poker faced throughout! Either have everything packed in the suitcase or be ready to do some charity because you will never see your things again.

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#10. The warring sides

Mom versus Dad’s family is an apparent scenario unless the bonding is such that either side can’t live without the other, which is too ideal to be true, right? From contesting on who looks the best to being nominated for the most efficient during wedding preparations, they will put their sweat and blood in it to make your marriage unforgettable. And, yes, they will compete on almost anything and everything, from dancing skills to gifts. 

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The only thing that can ever bring the “nana’s sides” and the “dada’s sides” together is when the debate between the ladke wale and ladki wale arises.

P.S.: Shower some love and drop a thank you note once you have been sent off to your new home! After all, nothing would have been possible without them being around you, right?

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While you may have enjoyed reading this, we don’t guarantee the same emotion during the wedding! All we can do is wish you good luck in your tryst with your rishtedaars!



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