10 Surprising Relationship Studies That Will Bring Couples Closer


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10 Surprising Relationship Studies That Will Bring Couples Closer

Marriage is a bridge connecting two souls, and often minor imperfections in construction can cause it to collapse. While we want your relationship to be nothing but perfect, there is no denying that all couples go through a fair share of ups and downs in their life. Well, we keep giving out tips and smart hacks that you can use to strengthen their bond, get over your discords, and work towards making your relationship smooth and perfect. But, this time we take a look at what science and research has to say about it as well.

Various universities, institutes and journals across the globe, keep coming up with relationship and marriage studies times and again. Here we bring to you a few such interesting researches and findings that might help your relationship as well in some way.

#1. Bonding over movies is good for relationship

Couples who watch movies together and later analyse them in detail are more likely to stay together.

According to a study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, couples who watch movies together, and also discuss about them later, have shown a lesser chance of splitting up. What is even better for your relationship? Well, watching movies about “relationships”!

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#2. Use your lips to stay together

A study conducted by the Oxford University researchers, found that the couples who kiss frequently share a happier and much more satisfying relationship than those who don't.

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As the author of this study, Rafael Wlodarski, a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Oxford’s Department of Experimental Psychology, explains, “It appears that there is something unique about kissing that is related to relationship satisfaction in a way that sexual intercourse is not.”
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#3. Couples who double date are happier

Couples who go on double dates are happier than the couples who don’t. According to a study presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference in Austin, couples feel more closer and satisfied while on a double date.

Over exposure to “familiarity” is suffocating. That is the reason, why we eat out and go on vacations. Marriage is no exception. Often, it needs some breathing space and going out on double dates can be the perfect solution.

What’s more? The author of this study, Keith Welker, a graduate student in the department of psychology at Wayne State University, offers another idea as well to boost your bond further. He suggests that instead of heading out to a noisy restaurant, you should call your friends over to your place for a quite home-cooked dinner.

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#4. Doing things separately is good

While it is a good idea to show interest in things your better half likes to do, doing everything together (rather, according to one person’s likes) is not good for your relationship.

According to a study published in Journal of Marriage and Family, couples who have separate hobbies share a happier and a more satisfying emotional bond. So, if you love to do same things that your partner does, it is good; otherwise do not pretend to like it or enjoy it, as that would just make you dissatisfied in a longer run.

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#5. Show gratitude for a happier relationship

According to various studies, couples who acknowledge their partner’s efforts in a relationship, share a happier relationship.

Researcher Nathaniel Lambert, Ph.D, says, “Expressing gratitude transforms your impression of the other person. It helps people hold each other in higher regard, making them more comfortable when they have to work through bigger relationship issues.”

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#6. Cuddling up in sleep is good

If you love to cuddle up with your sweetheart in your sleep, then it is a positive sign for your relationship. Couples who sleep less than an inch apart from each other have higher chances of being happy in a relationship than those who keep to their opposite ends of the bed.

According to a survey conducted at Edinburgh International Science Festival, it was discovered that 86 per cent of couples in the survey who slept within an inch of one another were very happy with their bond. What’s more? Touching plays an even major role in increasing their happiness and love.

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#7. A man’s good health is important for a happy relationship

Yes, according to a study published in Journal of Marriage and Family, it was shown that a man’s positive personality as well as good health is a secret for a happy and satisfying relationship.

The study that surveyed married couples over a few years, found that women reported fewer relationship problems, when their men were in a good shape and had a positive personality.

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#8. Using the same words is a positive sign

Couples who speak the same words have a higher chances of finding a ‘happily ever after’! Well, this does not mean that you go around repeating each other.

According to a study published in the journal Psychological Science, couples who use the same function words (also referred to as “keywords” in technical term) such as prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions, quantifiers, etc., are less likely to separate.

#9. Divorce is contagious

If you are surrounded by people who either have broken marriages or are going through marital discords, it is more likely to impact your relationship as well.

Yes, according to researchers at the Brown University, divorce can indeed be contagious. Based on their study of 5,209 men and women, the researchers realised that people whose close friends were going through a separation or divorce, their odds of splitting up with their partner increased by a whopping 75 per cent. What’s more? They also found that couples who encouraged their friends to stay together and get over their marital problems, had a much more satisfying and compassionate relationship.

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#10. Getting angry is good for your relationship

Yes, according to a study conducted by Florida State University, it was found that one of the keys to a successful marriage is indeed, at times, getting angry.

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Expressing anger can at times help couples get over their issues in a better way and move on from there. The lead researcher of this study, James McNulty, explains that "short-term discomfort of an angry but honest conversation" can be good for a couple in the long run. Having said this, James McNulty also adds, "There is no 'magic bullet,' no single way to think or behave in a relationship. The consequences of each decision we make in our relationships depends on the circumstances that surround that decision."

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Well, didn't we tell you, some of these definitely have a few good points that you can learn and add to your relationship while others are just weird and surprising to read. So, which of these marriage and relationship studies did you find the most interesting? Share with us by leaving your comments below.



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