10 Interesting Characters Found In Every Indian Wedding


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10 Interesting Characters Found In Every Indian Wedding

Weddings in India are known for extravagance, opulence, and larger than life celebrations. The rituals and ceremonies go on for almost a week in most of the Indian weddings. The elements like rituals, music, dance, and the lavish food, completes the whole atmosphere of festivities.

Amidst all this, relatives and friends are yet another key ingredients of the weddings in India. All these guests in the family of bride and groom make the best use of this opportunity to have a gala time. These guests are not only an important part of the wedding celebrations, but they are quite interesting too.

Here are some of those entertaining characters that you find in almost every Indian wedding:

#1. The head over heels jijaji

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No matter if he is from the bride’s side or the groom’s, the ever-colourful jija, add a ji to accentuate his stature, will be the happiest among them all. It is not necessary that he is happy because his brother- or sister-in-law is getting married, but because he is exuberant on the couple’s supposed predicament. Spotting him is easy – find a guy who is dressed in bright colours, is high on public display of affection with his wife, has a bundle of Rs.10 notes, and is dancing away to glory before you shout out, ‘Oh Saade Jijaji’.

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#2. The daarubaaz dost

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This guy's favourite hangout place at the venue is not beside his best friend. You will find him behind the chatwallahs, or in the car parking lot, where he would be found shaking a ‘leg’ and serving the ‘peg’.

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#3. London wali buaji

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The upper crest air-laden, clearer than a VS2 diamond, shinier than a rose-tinted gold pendant, she is sure to make heads turn – all thanks to her Chanel ka scentt. Flashing her Gucci’s and Prada’s on one hand, and sipping golgappe ka paani from the other, she’s teary eyed– partly because of the ‘teekhi chutney’, and partly because in her 15 years of stay in the great city of Britain, she had not seen so many people together in one place. God bless India!

#4. Main hoon kaun?

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As funny and ironical as it sounds, the groom is someone who the world is least bothered about, on this most important (well, at least for him) and auspicious day of his life. What’s more? He gets all decked up, goes on to the stage (alone, mind you), keeps waiting forever for the bride to come, and does everything as instructed. No adventure, everything planned out as the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro.

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#5. The real centre of attraction

This is our one and only- photographer bhaiyya. He is where all the pretty ladies are, or is it the other way round? He will have at least three of his prized possessions slung on his neck, and can be spotted around bare bellies and deep necks. His command is any girl’s wish. Click-click!

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#6. The phoney group

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No matter, where you go, there would be a sea of hands busy on their ‘tell-the-world-what’s-going-on’ devices. With them around, the selfies, updates, check-ins, and wedding pictures, will be raining the social network space all too swiftly. Real world? That can wait.

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#7. Bubbly aunty and her kitties

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A Punjabi wedding is never complete without the auntyjis and their ‘kitty party’ brigade, who have their eyes fixed on any prospective marriageable age singles. Never forget to notice the razor-sharp, X-ray-like sight of these kitties and their pals. ‘Oh vekh, oh vi chhanga lageya mainnu.’

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#8. Have mouth, will eat

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Doesn’t matter where the baraat is headed, a foodie will always be true to his passion, and will be invariably found near the chaatwallahs. Gorging on the golgappas, chillas, and the Chinese starters, this person can give the bride’s family a run for their money. Burrp!

#9. Sarvyapak, sarvashakti samanvit

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How can the pandits be left alone on the D-day? It is their day as much as it is of the bride and her groom. If he expects a Rs 100 note after every chant, his wish has to be granted. After all, he is summoning the almighty to give his choicest blessings to the wonderful couple. Swaaha!

#10. Naam hi kaafi hai

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The sisters-in-law are the shaan of every Punjabi wedding. Dressed in their best, they would be spot on with their expressions and dance moves. Their ‘next in line’ status can ensure a stare from many, but they would not shy away from shaking a leg on Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha, and having a time of their life.

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We are sure that by now you might have already found at least one member among your friends and relatives, who fits in each of these categories. Do share with us if you know some more such characters by leaving your comments below.

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