12 Different Types Of Eyebrow Shapes And What Your Eyebrows Are Telling People About You

By Aashima Talwar Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018 | 16:16:58 IST

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We all know that our eyes are a window to our soul and pretty much anyone can make out what emotion we’re feeling basis the expression of our eyes. But did you know, your eyebrows also do the same things?

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Whether you tweeze, wax or thread them, your eyebrow shape gives others an insight about you and says a lot about your personality. Here's a list for you to check out what your eyebrow shape says about you. 

#1. Naturally full eyebrows

Your fuller eyebrows tell us that you are active, high on self-confidence and once you have your eyes set on doing something, you are unstoppable. You are decisive and hard-working, but at the same time, other's indecisiveness puts you off. 


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#2. Naturally thin eyebrows

You are someone who finds it difficult to take decisions and would rather have someone counsel and advice you. You don’t like taking risks so you try to think things over and over. Besides, you enjoy your friends’ company as they boost your self-confidence. 


#3. Unibrow or continuous brow

Since both your eyebrows are connected (and because you don’t intend to separate them), it shows that you barely care about how the world perceives you. You are unique and creative at that. However, you spend maximum time daydreaming than translating your thoughts into reality. You are a non-stop thinker who tends to evaluate everything around you. 

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#4. Short eyebrows

You sure don’t handle stress well in your own life as well as your near ones despite trying your level best. You work yourself up a lot and obviously loosen the grip over things. Naturally, you yearn for a stress-free life and like to let your hair down sans any sort of tension. You also don’t have enough patience for drama. Professionally, you try to focus on minute details and often miss the bigger picture. 

#5. Long eyebrows


Those with longer eyebrows find it easier to deal with stressful situations. You are a problem solver and do extremely well in tackling personal as well as professional problems. You are both competitive and hard-working.

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#6. Round or curved eyebrows


Someone like you is quite warm and friendly, and of course, liked by all. You are quite a tactful communicator and tend to think about others because you understand them well. You think of creating a win-win situation and can be trusted quite easily. 

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#7. High eyebrows


Your eyebrows sit higher on your face and away from your eyes. You are selective and perceptive and like to take time to observe things, reflect over them and then arrive at a decision. So, naturally when you are asked to take an instant decision, you don’t like it. You are also someone who likes to work independently and set high expectations for yourself.

#8. Low eyebrows

It takes only a couple of minutes for you to arrive at a decision which also means that you have little patience for those who aren’t as quick as you. One of the challenges you face is holding yourself back from interrupting people, because you tend to anticipate their response. You also do not like to be criticised. 


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#9. Straight eyebrows (no arch)

You love logic and facts and have an eye for details. Your approach is direct and straight just like your eyebrows and you want facts in place before you come down to believing anything before your eyes. Since you are logical, your family and friends or even your co-workers approach you in times of difficulty. Your ability to evaluate facts without letting emotions intervene is highly valued by others. 


#10. High arch eyebrows

You hold yourself back which is why you are not someone who’s approachable. You also take time to warm up to people, so you may appear high-headed at first and quite perceptive. There’s nothing wrong with it because it shows you are sensitive and need more space before you completely trust someone. What no one knows is that you are a perfectionist. 

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#11. Low arch eyebrows

You are easy-going and highly approachable, unlike your high-brow friends. This is what draws a lot of people towards you. And since you are a promise keeper, you tend to stick to your word and stay by your friend’s side through thick and thin. 

#12. Peaked arch eyebrows

Your sense of humour and fun-loving persona works like a magnet and attracts people towards you. You are your friends’ go-to person when they want to have a night of all things fun. You are quite spontaneous but extremely emotional, and so don’t think things through and don’t mind being driven by emotions. 

Now that you have a comprehensive guide to identifying personality traits, you should be heading straight to your dressing mirror and mapping it to your eyebrow shape. And plus, it's always fun to know such things. 

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