When Zeenat Aman And Rekha Created An Outrage With Their Views On Premarital Sex In The 70s

Veteran actresses, Zeenat Aman And Rekha have always been ahead of their time. Once, the duo expressed their views on premarital sex back in the 70s, which raised many eyebrows.


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When Zeenat Aman And Rekha Created An Outrage With Their Views On Premarital Sex In The 70s

Bollywood has seen some stars who have never confined themselves to the pre-conceived societal norms. And veteran actresses, Zeenat Aman and Rekha have always topped the charts of celebrities who stayed ahead of their time. Often regarded as bad influences, Rekha and Zeenat received huge flak for their bold statements and controversial life decisions. Yet again, we have got proof of how the duo never minced their words before expressing themselves.

When Zeenat Aman revealed her take on premarital sex

In an old interview with a leading magazine back in the 70s, Zeenat Aman was asked if it was normal for a man and woman to have a sexual relationship before marriage. Responding to the same, the veteran actress said that if birds and bees can do it, so why can't human beings too? Not just this, she even mentioned that premarital sex is a terrific exercise for keeping in shape and added:

"Birds and bees do it, so why not men and women? Besides, it's a terrific exercise for keeping in shape--better than Bullworker any day."

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When Rekha called premarital sex a very natural process

In the same publication, Rekha also expressed her views on pre-marital sex and gave her candid take on it. Calling it a very natural process, the actress mentioned that a woman can't come really close to a man without making love. She slammed people who claim that a single woman should have sex only on her suhaag raat and said:

"It's very natural. And all those prudes who say that a single woman should have sex only on her suhaag raat are talking bull! Sex goes with love. You can't come close, really close, to a man without making love. And that's the only time when a man and a woman are their most natural self when they are in their birthday suit."


Premarital sex was considered taboo in the 70s

Even now, as a user shared the snippet of the interview on Reddit, it created havoc on social media. Well, considering the majority of social understandings, nobody prefers to speak about premarital sex openly. These topics have been considered taboo and such practices deemed unconventional. Moreover, many have even counter-argued that such a phenomenon cannot be considered within the scope of the Indian cultural framework. Nevertheless, divas like Rekha and Zeenat Aman, through their unapologetic and frank speeches were perhaps quite radical in their thoughts to speak about premarital sex out loud.

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Netizens react to Zeenat and Rekha's views on premarital sex

Now that the picture of the interview has resurfaced on social media, netizens are shocked to see how the veteran actresses spoke so candidly about premarital sex back in the 70s. While one user hailed them as 'Queens', another one commented, "Oh the outrage that would follow! It's strange when you consider that the further along in time we've gotten, the more prudish we've become simply talking about basic human needs like sex." Check out the comments below:

To watch the post, click here.

What are your views about Zeenat Aman and Rekha's bold take on premarital sex?

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