What Not To Say To Your Fiance


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What Not To Say To Your Fiance

As a newly affianced woman, you have doubtless received countless pieces of advice from your friends and relatives. This advice probably ranges the gamut from “The way to his heart is through his stomach” (given by well meaning aunties) to “Be sure to behave properly in front of him if you want to keep his interest” (given by well meaning grandmothers).

But it is the twenty first century, so you should have some practical advice on how to deal with your man. After all, you will be spending the rest of your lives together, so it is best to begin as you mean to get on.

You should never censor yourself in front of your man, but sometimes it is better to let some things go unsaid. Apart from the no brainers, like not comparing your fiancé to your ex boyfriend, here are five things you should avoid saying to your guy — either to avoid a fight, preserve his ego, or save your own sanity.

"I really don't care — let us do whatever you want to do."

One thing guys wish that women would do on date night is Just. Freaking. Pick. Something. Do not worry about whether he will balk when you suggest a new foreign movie or roll his eyes if you say you want Italian food. You are as much a part of this relationship as he is, and trust me, he will love that you took the initiative to suggest something fun.

"Saif Ali Khan/ Robert Pattinson/ Imran Khan is soooooooo hot!"

No one loves man eye candy like I do, but if you go on and on about what a stud Hritik Raushan is, it will make your guy retreat into his man cocoon. No one — male or female — can compete with an airbrushed, professionally gym trained, designer clad superstar. Admire your favorite actor/ celebrity in private — and save the verbal praise for your guy when he cleans up nice for dinner.

"Does this make me look fat?"

We all know that no one wins if you ask him this.

"Do you think she's pretty?"

Unless he is always able to contort his face into a believable state of revulsion before you get to the last syllable of "pretty," he won't be able to give you an answer that won't send you into a rage. Listen, there are plenty of other hot women in the universe; you can't really expect him to say that Aishwarya Rai Bacchan "is not his type." Do not force the issue unless he is openly gawking at anything in a skirt or flirting with the waitress right in front of you. Then it might be time to reassess why you are in the relationship, not whether you measure up.

"What are you thinking?"

One of my guy friends summed his thoughts on this question nicely: "Trust us: You don't want to know." It's nice to retain some of your relationship's mystery, right? Also: Sometimes a blank stare is just a blank stare. Fill up your own mental canvas with something scintillating while he daydreams.

Are there any suggestions that you think I’ve missed out on?



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