How To Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight Naturally And Quickly Get Back In Shape


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How To Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight Naturally And Quickly Get Back In Shape

Kareena Kapoor Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, Malaika Arora Khan, Lara Dutta and Shilpa Shetty have one thing in common, i.e. their flab-free body just a few weeks after delivery. Do they pop pills or did they go under the knife to shed those extra kilos?

Well, let's not make you think much and tell you that all their weight loss was natural. They just used some really good fitness mantras to get back in shape post delivery. Here we have a list of some amazing ways to lose extra weight after your little bundle of joy arrives into the world. Take a look.

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#1. Have 'super foods'


  • Don’t skip meals and have small meals at least five to six times a day.
  • Go for healthy foods such as fresh veggies and fruits that not just keep you full, but also put you on a road to recovery.
  • Go for whole-grain breads and cereals, brown rice and pasta.
  • Avoid sugary drinks.
  • Include foods high in protein, such as lean meat, chicken, skinless poultry, eggs, yoghurt and skimmed milk in your daily meals. 

#2. Don’t go for crash diets

crash diet

Your body needs some time to recover from labour pangs and delivery exhaustion. Give yourself some time to heal and take a calorie check until your baby is at least 2 months old. Crash diet will directly impact milk production for your baby if you breastfeed, and that is absolutely not good.

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#3. Start working out slowly

malaika arora

Before you return to your usual workout, you must get your doctor’s approval. Usually if you have had a normal delivery, you can start working out within 20 days, but if you had a C-section, you would be advised to wait a little longer, say about 40 days. You can start with a low-intensity workout, yoga or a regular walk.

#4. Drink your way to good health

benefits of water

Drink a lot of water to manage skin elasticity, weight loss and for the overall health of your child. Breast milk is 50 per cent water; make it a point to have at least 3 litres of water a day. Make sure you don’t compromise on your health if you want to go back to your pre-baby body.

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#5. Breastfeed

Breastfeeding helps new mommies in losing weight, as it burns a lot of calories, approximately 850 a day! But at times, it becomes difficult to shed weight while breastfeeding because it makes you feel hungrier which in turn urges you to consume more food. So if you can control your diet, without compromising with your own and your baby's health, breastfeeding might help a lot in your post-pregnancy weight loss journey!

#6. Sleep well

peaceful sleep

One last piece of advice is to get as much sleep as possible because according to a study, moms who sleep lesser than five hours a day hold onto their post pregnancy weight longer than those who sleep for seven hours. The more active and refreshed you are, the better it is for your weight loss!

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So, now that your little one has arrived into the world, and you are all set to get back to your pre-pregnancy body, follow these tips and get ready to look like a yummy mummy!