9 Weird Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work And Help You Lose Weight Faster


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9 Weird Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work And Help You Lose Weight Faster

If you are tired of crash diets and rigid gym routines because you are not able to follow them for too long, then we have a good news for you. Forget about the fitness regime and stop calling yourself lazy. We have in hand some amazing weight loss researches that would simply make your day.

So, let us just walk you through some fun ways that will ensure you eat less and lose weight soon.

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#1. Deceive your brain for

weight loss researches that actually work green apples bananas

That is right, you need to trick your brain. As per the studies conducted at Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, when you devour (eat quickly) sweet-scented foods like green apples, peppermint, bananas and vanilla flavoured ones, your brain gets tricked into assuming you are gobbling onto something yummilicious! Now, isn’t this the best news.

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#2. Choose the right plate

weight loss researches that actually work small plate

As per the latest research, Boston University has found out that when you eat in a less colourful, small plate, you tend to eat less than what your body craves for. While a dull plate will deaden your desire to binge, its small size will keep your food intake rationed.

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#3. Sleep in pitch dark bedroom

weight loss researches that actually work dark bedroom

According to the study conducted in the Ohio State University, sleeping with your lights turned on will make you more hungry as compared to sleeping in a dark bedroom. Actually, the lights cause changes in your brain leading to mood swings including depression. It eventually leads to binge eating. Sleeping in a dark room on the other hand, surely contributes to quick weight loss.

#4. Lower your AC temperature

weight loss researches that actually work ac

Fiona Johnson of University College London has revealed that your body generates heat without making you feel cold in a slightly chilly condition. So, when you turn down the room temperature to 15 degree, your body’s brown fat (that regulates body temperature) starts melting down to make up for the heat loss.

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#5. Care for some wine?

weight loss researches that actually work wine

Brigham and Women's Hospital researchers stated that women who consume alcohol in moderate amounts tend to lose weight over time. That is why, women who sip a glass or two of wine with or after dinner tend to burn more fat. However, one should not cling to drinking alcohol to lose weight. With age, our metabolism rates slow down, thus tampering with our body weight.

#6. Fiery Spices

weight loss researches that actually work rec chillies spices

Purdue University has an interesting research finding. When you consume a really spicy meal, you feel full quickly and thus, tend to eat less. So, start adding chilies, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, and everything spicy to all your favourite dishes.

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#7. Eat in company of men

weight loss researches that actually work company of men

If the research of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Akron are to be believed, women who have men around them, tend to eat less as compared to eating in the company of fellow women. So, if you go by this study, not only will you hesitate to order a lavish platter, but you will also take smaller bites in the company of men.

 #8. Keep less money

weight loss researches that actually work less money

Cornell and Binghamton Universities have come out with the research with which most of us would not deny. If you keep less money in your pocket and do not carry your credit card, you are less likely to eat out or pick up some chips and coke on your way back home.

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#9. Pop in a multivitamin

weight loss researches that actually work multi vitamin

As revealed by Harbin Medical University, when you try to control your diet, your body craves for vitamins and other nutrients. Your mind gets confused and starts telling you to eat more and more. However, if you add a multivitamin to your daily diet, your body’s nutritional needs will be met and your mind will stop fiddling around.

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These amazing researches are not about deceiving yourself, but about picking up some cool tips to trick your mind and body into losing weight. Have a gala time losing weight dearies!