Wedding Story Of This Adorable Couple Will Make You Believe In Love At First Sight


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Wedding Story Of This Adorable Couple Will Make You Believe In Love At First Sight

For us, three words that best define a wedding are- love, happiness, and celebrations. Yes, it is that feeling of love, which brings happiness in the lives of two people. And, when those two ‘happily in love with each other’ souls decide to celebrate these feelings with their other loved ones, it takes the form of a marriage. Needless to say, this celebration creates some truly magnificent moments in the life of the couple, which stay with them for the lifetime.

Well, it is this charm of weddings that always compels us to keep talking and writing about them. That is why, when the photographers from Amour Affairs shared with us the stunning wedding pictures of the lovely couple, Neelam and Jeetendra, we could not stop ourselves from sharing the same with you. And, it is not just the stunning wedding pictures that will leave you awestruck, even their love story is something that you might not have heard of before. So, here is the wedding story of a new addition in our beautiful family of ‘Real Indian Weddings’ series.

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Meet The Lovebirds

The story of ‘love at first sight’ is something, which probably all of you might have witnessed or heard about in your life. But, the one of Neelam and Jeetendra, has a unique twist to it. The story began on April 10, 2014, when Jeetendra heard a mesmeric sound saying, “Mic check, 1.. 2.. 3..”. And, he could not resist himself from turning back to see who did that hypnotic voice belong to. As he turned, he was left simply spellbound to see Neelam, a figure of poise standing on the stage. She was anchoring the event that Jeetendra was sponsoring. It was that very moment, when Jeetendra decided that Neelam is the girl he would marry. Certainly, it was love at first sight.

As soon as the event was over, Jeetendra got in touch with Neelam on a social networking website and appreciated her for putting up a great show. Well, Neelam was never a person, who replied to such messages by the strangers. But, as destiny had some other plns for these two, even Neelam could not stop herself from replying to Jeetendra. This conversation opened doors for many other long-talks and even meetings. And that is how, their love story began.

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The Million-Dollar Question

As Jeetendra was sure of marrying Neelam since the first day he saw her (or shall we say, heard her!), it did not take him long to take the next big step. Being a strong-willed guy, he always knew what he wanted. So, instead of asking her to be his girlfriend, Jeetendra directly asked Neelam to marry him.

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And, She Said Yes!

Well, Jeetendra had already charmed Neelam with his simplicity and straightforward attitude. With such a proposal, he completely swept her off her feet. This is because, she always expected that someone will first ask her to be his girlfriend, and not directly his wife. So, she replied to the million-dollar question with a Yes!

The Wedding Journey Begins

Soon after this innocent proposal, the two geared up for their wedding celebrations. The two-day long celebration had it all from the fun-filled sangeet and engagement ceremony to the serene Gurudwara wedding journey and a rocking DJ night.

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Their Wedding Card

Neelam and Jeetendra’s invitation card gave a preview of how elegant everything about this wedding was going to be. It was in a tasteful combination of blue and off-white colour. The leaflets had a beautiful design on their left side, which had the Ik Onkar (one supreme reality) symbol embossed on it in Punjabi.

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Sangeet And Engagement

The fun began with a sangeet night combined with an engagement ceremony. Neelam charmed the evening in a gold, copper and beige lehenga. On the other hand, Jeetendra looked superbly dapper in his gold and red sherwani.

The entire evening was full of various rituals and a lot of amazing fun-filled moments. Truly, it was a perfect blend of the new-age celebration styles with the age-old traditions! And, they just left us awestruck with the way they looked at each other.

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The Wedding Day

Neelam and Jeetendra tied the knot on August 17, 2014. They had a traditional Sikh wedding ceremony, in Gurudwara Guru Tegh Bahadurji Langar Sahib, Aurangabad.

Our pretty bride, Neelam, opted for the traditional bridal colours, red and gold, for her wedding lehenga. From kalire to chooda, she had every piece of accessories that completed her looks as a Punjabi bride. To top it off, all she had to do was to wear her charming smile throughout the ceremony. And, she certainly did so!

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On the other hand, even our groom looked no less than his bride in terms of tastefulness and style. He wore an off-white sherwani, embellished with golden sequins. The red turban, golden juttis and a bright sword made him look like a royal Sikh maharaja.

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The two looked truly 'made for each other', as they took blessings from the almighty to start a new journey of their life.

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Post-Wedding Ceremonies

The bride entered her new home in a beautiful pink and gold lehenga. The ladies in the family happily welcomed the newlywed couple with a fun-filled dance. The two were even made to play the fun game of finding the ring from the container full of milk and rose petals.

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The DJ Night

The wedding ceremony in the morning was followed by a rocking DJ party at the night. This time, the couple decided to go contemporary with their choice of outfits. While Neelam looked simply stunning in her red and gold gown, Jeetendra complemented his bride in a black suit. And, the lavish venue, Taj Vivanta, Aurangabad, was just perfect to celebrate this union in a grand style.

Let us also take a look at all those people, who helped to make Neelam and Jeetendra’s wedding day an unforgettable affair: 

Venue: Taj Vivanta, Aurangabad
Wedding outfits of the bride: Pix
Wedding outfits of the groom: Manyavar
Makeup artist from: Face and Fame, Aurangabad
Photography/Videography: Amour Affairs
Jeweller: Tanishq and Ranka

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Neelam and Jeetendra’s beautiful journey from ‘being in love’ to ‘being married’ just increased our love for the weddings manifolds. We wish the couple a blissful married life ahead. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.