12 Fabulous Wedding Favours For Indian Guests That Will Always Remind Them Of You


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12 Fabulous Wedding Favours For Indian Guests That Will Always Remind Them Of You

When you think of any wedding favours for your guests, what you primarily need to keep in mind is not the preferences of different people, but the usability of the gift. A lot of times, guests usually throw away the gift, as they do not find it useful enough to carry it back with them. The best wedding favour is something that reminds them of you and your beautiful wedding day, and lets your guests have them treasure it for lifelong.

So, here are 12 wedding favours for Indian wedding guests that they would actually want. 

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#1. Luggage tags

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This is the best wedding favour anyone can have for their guests. Wedding houses are nothing less than an airport scene when it comes to managing luggage of all the guests. A trendy luggage tag, with personalised texts will simply solve all the luggage problems at your wedding.

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#2. Jewellery box

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For all the beautiful bridesmaids, a jewellery box will be extremely useful. A wonderfully crafted jewellery box with mirrored details, and good storage space will be the most coveted gift by all the wonderful ladies.

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#3. Sunglasses

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You simply can not get through a summer wedding without a pair of sunglasses. Moreover, nowadays, people love to add pictures with props to their wedding albums. What better prop for a summer wedding can be than a classic pair of aviators? 

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#4. Flip flops

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Every wedding has that one guest whose footwear will ditch them at the last moment. Flip flops make the perfect favour, because they will come in good use. Ladies can ditch their painful heels and men their tight shoes, to dance away effortlessly.

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#5. Succulents

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There is nothing more beautiful than succulents as favours. You may even put them in artistic little containers. Guests can use these to add an aesthetic value to their office desk or simply as a decorative piece in their homes. One good thing about tiny succulents is that they will not eat up a lot of space. Instead, they will add beautiful greenery to the surrounding.

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#6. Spices or herbs

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This is one favour that will find its own spot in each of your guest's kitchen. You can also give away some herb garden starter kits, so your guests can have a never-ending supply for their kitchen.

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#7. Candles

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There is a lot people can do with the candles. They can decorate their house whichever way they want, or simply use it up when the lights go off. Either way, candles are one of the classic and all-time-usable gifts for your wedding guests.

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#8. Souvenirs

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If yours is a destination wedding, then your guests will definitely be looking out for some local souvenirs to take back, and cherish memories for many years to come. So, gifting them personalised souvenirs will not only save their time and money, but also help them savour the memory of your wedding.

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#9. Shawls or fans

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If you are hosting a wedding in the months from December through January, in a city like Delhi or Rajasthan, then your guests are definitely going to be thankful to you for this one. A simple shawl that can be reused for different occasions will be a wonderful favour for your wedding guests. Likewise for a summer wedding, a hand fan can be the best wedding favour anyone could ask for.

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#10. Personalised totes

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Lets face it, one can never have enough of totes. These bags are extremely useful and can be used for various purposes. Also, when you arrive for the wedding, your bags are always properly packed, but while returning, there is also some extra luggage that demands more space in your bag. This tote can be super-useful for all such times too. Moreover, if it has a cute design on it, it can also be used as a chic fashion accessory. 

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#11. Travel kit

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There is always some thing or the other that people forget while traveling to places. Make sure you give them all in a kit so they can enjoy your wedding happily. A travel kit that comprises of basic toiletries like, paper soaps, a napkin, moisturiser, etc. is enough to make your guests know that you indeed care for them.

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#12. Postcards

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There will be a few who would love the vintage style postcards comprising of photos that are the couple's favourites. Some attendees may even choose to send them back to their family or friends. This is one of the best favours you can give to your guests, if you are having a destination wedding.

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These wedding favours will not only give your guests a reason to cherish and remember your wedding, but will also be a part of their lives forever. So, go ahead and pick out any of the above!