Watch This Crazy Wedding Story Of An Indian Couple Who Met On MSN Chat


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Watch This Crazy Wedding Story Of An Indian Couple Who Met On MSN Chat

If you love somebody, let them go, if they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were.”- Khalil Gibran.

Radhika and Vishal got together through MSN. They chatted. They kissed. They dated. But, decided to split after two years!

However, the destiny had some different plans for them. They soon realised that something very important was missing in their life, and that was- love! The love that they felt in each other's presence. And, then the two wasted no time to be together- Forever! Radhika and Vishal got married in a big, fat Indian wedding style, filled with lots of celebrations and unlimited fun. Their crazy and beautiful love story was captured by The Wedding Filmer and made us fall more in love with our Indian weddings. Take a look and you too will fall in love with this couple.

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As Radhika and Vishal talk about how their relationship started, how it progressed and how they decided to take some time off from being in the relationship, you notice how much in love the couple has always been. Most importantly, what shines through the entire video is the love in their eyes when they talk about each other. No wonder The Wedding Filmer, has called this video a “Romantic Comedy”.

They Met & Kissed!

The two met in those “MSN days”! They added each other and started chatting. After a while, they knew that they just had to meet. And, when they met there was an instant connection and a three-minute long kiss. Well, Vishal says it was Raddho (as he lovingly calls his bride) kissed his forehead first and that lead to their first kiss.

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Then, they parted!

When Radhika and Vishal met, she lived in Baroda and he lived in Dubai. They somehow thought that the relationship would not work, and they broke up. They went their respective paths, back to their hometowns, and left it entirely on fate to steer their course.

Decided to get married… To someone else!

Yes, Radhika and Vishal left it on the destiny to see if they are meant to be together or not? They decided to search for a life partner through arranged marriage. The two left it on their parents to find a spouse for them, and even met quite a few good matches.

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Thankfully, fate intervened!

Well, as they met other “prospective matches” set up by their respective parents, Vishal knew that none of them would fill his world with joy the way Radhika could, and Radhika knew that Vishal was the only right one for her.

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He proposed!

When Vishal was certain he knew there was no one else but Radhika with whom he wanted to spend his life, he wasted no time and proposed to her. As Radhika says it was truly a big and grand proposal, complete with a romantic setup, getting down on knees, and Bruno Mars songs, “I want to marry you.” And, the only reaction shocked and surprised (and emotional) Radhika had was… “Have you asked my parents?”

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They get married!

The wedding definitely was a grand affair and the video has captured the fun moments beautifully, bringing alive the essence of Radhika and Vishal’s special relationship. The welcome message at the entrance says it all, setting the mood of the wedding perfectly. It reads, “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite.” 

This pretty well summarises the innocence, the charm and fun that their love is all about. It brings a nice smile on the face of every guest who reads it on his or her way inside the grand wedding venue. READ: 28 Awesome Reasons Why Being In A Relationship Makes Your Life Beautiful

This video by The Wedding Filmer has captured more than just a wedding– this time it is about the innocence of love that Radhika and Vishal share. Their lens has captured the essence of their relationship and their personalities. No doubt, every moment of this wedding video is as perfect as a romantic Yash Chopra film.

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Video and Images Courtesy: The Wedding Filmer