Watch This Adorable Dad Giving Away His 'Laadki' In This Emotional Wedding Video


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Watch This Adorable Dad Giving Away His 'Laadki' In This Emotional Wedding Video

The father-daughter bond is one for a lifetime. The day his little princess walks into his life is the day he learns what real happiness is. There can be no greater joy in this world for him, than picking up his daughter in his arms for the first time. Whether it is the joy of her first steps, or the day she calls him “Daddy”, or the day he teaches her how to ride a bicycle, or even when she goes to school for the first time. [Also read: Top 6 Bollywood Divas Who Are Daddy's Little Girls]

He brought her up, stood like a wall to protect her from any sorrow, put his little princess in her bed, and made sure that she never meets pain.

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emotional moment for bride and father

For a bride to leave her family, is one of the toughest moments of her life. The daughter, loves her father unconditionally; he is her hero and mentor. But, it is nothing compared to the pain a father feels when he gives away his daughter to someone else. He has watched her grow up just to let her go.

bride given to groom

A daughter's wedding is a moment of mixed emotions for every dad. He feels proud that his little girl is going to have her own family, someone who will love her forever, but he also feels this discomfort when he realises that he would not come back home to her anymore.

emotional father giving away to groom

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kanyadaan in progress

This is the journey of a father who walked down his 'Laadki' to her groom with a hope that she will be immensely loved and welcomed with open arms by her new family.



His emotions start pouring out from the moment he takes the first step with his daughter on a path that leads to her groom. He happily gives her hand into the hands of the man she is about to marry with a hope that he will take care of her.

giving away daughter to groom

He participates in all the events with gaiety and happily sits down for kanyadaan. Although, he struggles to fight his tears back, he nods positively when he is asked if he would like to give away his daughter.

bridal dance with father

"When a daughter comes and she hugs you. She kisses you. It is... ", this is how a father can express his feelings when his daughter comes to him to say goodbye. There are no words that can convey the anxiety that is there in him.

emotional father

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emotional moments between bride and father

The watery eyes of a father say it all. Being a daughter's father is not that easy. When she plays with you, cooks you food, pesters you for the things she wants, cries in your arms, you know that one day it will all go away, but for good. You are happy to be anything for her because she is the most precious piece of your heart.

emotional moments between a father and bride

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This is for all the proud dads out there. We know that you are jovial and we also know that you are gloomy. Be proud of your daughter and be assured of your sons-in-law. Your 'Laadki' is going to have a wonderful life ahead with him.

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