Watch How The Imagination Of This Child Can Make You Cry

Watch How The Imagination Of This Child Can Make You Cry

A happy kid, cheerfully strolling in the corridors, and like every other kid of his age, gets ecstatic on seeing a drawer filled with chalks. And what every other kid would have done, he does the same. He fills his hands with colourful chalks. No one knows what he is up to, or what is he planning to do, except for the boy. He even ignores the other boys who are joyfully playing around. Usually kids scribble on the wall or on the floor, images that only they can understand. But what he ends up drawing is unimaginable….unimaginable for you! Watch the video below and see what this young boy is up to.

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What he ends up drawing is one of the prettiest pictures- picture of a mother. A mother he has never seen. A mother whose warm embrace he wants to feel. A mother who he wishes to hug and sleep with but can’t, because he is an orphan.

Even though he has not seen his mother, he visualises and draws a sketch of her with those colourful chalks. A woman with open arms, a bright smile, and ready to hug him tight, is what his innocent heart thinks she was or would be like. And, even though he knows that it is just a drawing, just an imagination, he lies down in her embrace. Lies down thinking that she is his mother and is holding him. Every part of him wishing if it can ever be true!

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It is usually said that since God cannot be everywhere, he created mothers. A mother who will always look after her kids, and will always be with them. But there are some kids who don’t have this privilege. Yet, there is a way to fill his life with true happiness, and that is to adopt him and love him.

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They are just kids who long for love and affection like every other child. And, adoption is a way by which each one of us can answer their prayers. Even if one person out of ten decides to step forward and fill this child's life with love, then we shall say that this video has touched the right chords!

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