Vanitha Vijayakumar Talks About Peter Paul's Alcohol Addiction, Breaks Down Saying She Got Cheated

Vanitha Vijayakumar had opened up about her alcoholic husband, Peter Paul. Addressing her troubled relationship, she broke down.


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Vanitha Vijayakumar Talks About Peter Paul's Alcohol Addiction, Breaks Down Saying She Got Cheated

Amongst all the weddings during the COVID 19 pandemic, the one, which had grabbed the maximum headlines was the wedding of Vanitha Vijayakumar and Peter Paul. As they say, everyone is not lucky in the matters of heart and same goes for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 fame, Vanitha Vijayakumar. After two broken marriage, Vanitha gave love another chance when she had gotten married to filmmaker, Peter Paul on June 27, 2020. (Also Read: Rahul Dev Reveals He Turned Dad-Mom For Son, Siddharth Dev After His First Wife, Rina Dev's Demise)

Vanitha was earlier married to actor, Aakash with whom, she has a son named, Vijaya Sri Hari and a daughter, Jovika. After a legal battle of some years, Vanitha and Aakash had ended their marriage. After which, she had gotten married to businessman, Anand Jay Ranjan in 2007 and the duo was blessed with a baby girl, Jaynitha. But due to some disputes, they had parted their ways and had gotten divorced. After a series of failed marriage, Vanitha had found love again in Peter but it seems like their relationship is hitting rock bottom as reports of trouble in their marriage has been flashing the headlines.

Recently, Vanitha shared a video on her YouTube channel, where she spoke about her relationship with Peter and how she felt cheated. She opened up about Peter’s heath and his alcohol addiction. Talking about how she believed in love but is dejected with her marriage and shared, “I have been someone who firmly believed in marriage and love, but I guess I am not fortunate enough to enjoy that. I truly loved Peter Paul with all my heart and I was true to him. However, I got cheated. He lied to me that he quit smoking and drinking and instead he became more addicted to it. I am completely lost.”


On October 20, 2020, Vanitha had taken to her Instagram handle and had shared an emotional note addressing all the rumours of her having a big rift with her husband, Peter Paul. The actress had started her note by giving a befitting reply to all the people, who accused her of breaking a home. She had written, "To those who think I broke a home...I made a home with someone who didn't have a home and family for many years... he was in pain and so was I ... we loved laughed and lived through the worst times beginning form covid pandemic to the media circus which was purposely created around us." (Also Read: Saif Ali Khan's Sister, Saba Ali Khan Praises Her Bhabhi Kareena Kapoor's 'Radiance Of Inner Beauty')

Going further in her note, Vanitha had also addressed the panic attack that her husband, Peter Paul had a few weeks ago and had revealed how scary it was for her. She had continued, "Life changes after your loved one is sick or going through recovery of something major in health.. it was my constant worry and job to care for him.. I couldn't bear the pain of losing him even today I remain in the same ain...some sadistic people are still making money and fame out of it."

Addressing the divorce rumours, Vanitha had clearly stated that she is trying her best to repair the damages, but she's also quite prepared for the big-blows too. She had added, "All I would like to say now is I am going through another major challenge and I am trying my best to see how I can sort it out as it's not something I'm able to change or ignore as it's about life and death. I'm in immense pain and my heart is so heavy...I am scared as love is the only thing I want and am scared to lose..I am being bold in facing this challenge without disturbing my work and my kids."

Vanitha had also informed her fans and well-wishers that her kids would be her top-most priority and she would make the decision that would benefit them in the future. Concluding her note she had written, "I didn't expect this but it happened and I will make the right decision keeping my kids and the people around me in mind...I hope and pray for the miracle but if not I'll face it still has to go on...nothing can break me anymore ...lastly I'm not giving up yet." (Also Read: Late Chiranjeevi Sarja's Wife, Meghana Raj Gives Birth To Their Baby, First Pictures Go Viral)

We hope Vanitha stays strong in this difficult phase of her life.

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