UP Girl Marries A High School Pass Out Just A Week After Rejecting An Illiterate Groom


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UP Girl Marries A High School Pass Out Just A Week After Rejecting An Illiterate Groom

She is confident, she knows what she wants from life and she will not settle for anything but the best for herself; that is the definition of today’s Indian woman. And, if you thought that confidence was only limited to the well-educated, city-dwelling, professional women, then you certainly need to think twice.

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Khushboo Saxena, who hails from the Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh, called off her marriage at the last moment when she found out that her to-be-husband was illiterate and could not read, write, or even count. She concluded that he was ‘mentally unfit’ after asking him a few mathematical questions, and so she took a last-minute call to stop the wedding. And, as soon as this news went on the Internet, our bride became a viral sensation.

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But, destiny already had something else in store for her. Just a few days after this incident, Khushboo found her life partner in someone else. Her husband Amit, a 21-year-old farmer from Oriya district, is a high school pass out, and the new bride who herself has studied till 8th standard is more than happy about her choice. The entire village not only supported Khushboo in her decision, but also showered their blessings on the newlywed couple.

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This entire episode has given hundreds of women the confidence to speak up for their rights, to keep one’s choices before everyone and most importantly, not being pushed into doing something that might cost them their future! We hope other girls take inspiration from this incident, and stop believing that they are weak or less than any of their counterparts! And for your courage, we bow down to you Khushboo. You are, in every sense, fearless!

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