8 Trendy Ways For Brides To Include 'Fresh Flowers' In Their Wedding Look


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8 Trendy Ways For Brides To Include 'Fresh Flowers' In Their Wedding Look

Flowers have always been the first choice of brides when it comes to their wedding day appearances.The lovely blooms have always added oomph to their bridal hairstyles. But bunching up the same flowers in a contemporary and stylish way is what the new age brides desire for. Flowers being used as mere hair accessories or pinned up as gajras sounds mundane to them.

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So, the edgy brides are moving beyond the old-school arrangements and are adding a jolt of creativity to their floral style statement. They are incorporating the same flowers in some cool and extraordinary ways. From enhancing their lehenga, to using the flowers as dupattas or even kalire; there is a lot they are doing with the traditional accents. Let’s have a look at some upbeat and amazing ideas that can inspire you for your own wedding.

#1. Floral hair bouquet

Unique Ways To Use Flower In Your Wedding Looks

Images Courtesy: Instagram

Why pin up a few flower on your hair when you can hold an entire bouquet? The big bunch of roses, lilies or iris will not only look sweet but also transform you into an edgy and daring bride. The elaborate hair accessory of flowers will make you look like a diva straight from a fairyland. In fact, recently married, Anushka Sharma took her style statement to the next level with this entirely new and trendy concept. You too can shine like her with a stand-out-choice of adorning your hair. Just pull in the right colour scheme and enhance your bridal locks.

#2. Floral anklets

Unique Ways To Use Flower In Your Wedding Looks

Breathtaking flower accents woven around your ankles will perk up your bridal appearance for sure. No wonder the fab flowers have always been the crown for the ladies but this season, let the modest flowers turn into your anklets and take your world of fashion by storm. So, wait not and put your fashion foot forward with the elegant floral accents.

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#3. Flower crown or headband

Unique Ways To Use Flower In Your Wedding Looks
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Flaunting a floral crown for your wedding ceremonies is surely a fun idea. Roses and marigolds are just romantic and full of life. Use these blooms for a headband and add a whole new meaning to your bridal style statement. The flower crowns are so in for the brides and bridesmaids to get noticed. Bong babe Bipasha Basu went for a boho chic look with a headgear made of tiny blooms on her mehendi. The floral crown was, in fact, a major attraction during her ceremony and photo shoots. So, go for a single or mixed shade blooms and set your hair updo apart.

#4. Lehenga décor

Unique Ways To Use Flower In Your Wedding Looks

Images Courtesy: Photo Phactory

Try adding a few blossoms to your appearance the way nobody does. Enhance the beauty of your wedding outfit by having little lovely blooms clung to it. The flowers budding on your lehenga will surely make a big impact on your big day. Whatever is the style of your bridal attire, the added flowers will surely turn heads. Customising your lehenga with the stem of roses will give a unique twist to your fashion quotient. If you don’t want to experiment with the entire stretch of lehenga, you can pin a series of flowers throughout the entire hemline. A light floral touch won’t look tacky and would look cute and creative.

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#5. Charismatic kalira

Unique Ways To Use Flower In Your Wedding Looks

Images Courtesy: Matt and Ivy for Ivy Weddings

Well, it’s a dream of brides, especially Punjabi brides to have the most striking kalira. They can try strings of white or red flowers as kalira for their wedding. Kalira equipped with red, yellow or white blossoms will offer an elegant and impressive display. So, go ahead and replace your tinkling and jazzy kalires with the aromatic ones. If you still doubt the trend, have some inspiration from former Miss India Natasha Arora who opted for this exciting trend on her wedding. Kalires made of vivid blooms will add a perfect touch to your traditions and rituals.

#6. As a dupatta

Unique Ways To Use Flower In Your Wedding Looks

Images Courtesy: The Wedding Story

Here is another way a flower obsessed bride can fulfil her passion. Have some beautiful blooms added to your dupatta or you can have the dupatta itself made of flowers like jasmine or roses. Dupatta or phoolon ki chadar is an upbeat idea for the brides to have a jaw-dropping look as she walks down the aisle. The amazing flower-knitted phoolon ki chaadar over your head will give a cascading effect and awe-inspiring flower detail. Moreover, a floral dupatta will look exotic with an old-school charm. Try to have a slew of colours that match your outfit and not look distracting. This will surely be a surprise element for the guests and onlookers.

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#7. Bajuband/armlet

Unique Ways To Use Flower In Your Wedding Looks

Images Courtesy: Left (Instagram), Right (Shutterdown Photography)

Go easy on the designs available in the market and let the floral bajuband be the centre of attraction. The fragile flowers will not only make for a striking armlet but also highlight your stylish and edgy approach. The flower bajuband will look exquisite, traditional and playful at the same time. Also, the unique armlet will complement your love for nature.

#8. Floral hair string

Unique Ways To Use Flower In Your Wedding Looks

Images Courtesy: Paran Singh Photography

Ditch the cliche floral jewellery and go for something hatke as your floral hairstyle. It is a mix of floral dupatta and floral hairstyle. This unique floral hair string will catch every eyeball and turn heads. 

Don’t you love these endless possibilities where the brides can use fresh flowers for her D-day appearance? So, if you who are obsessed with flowers, here is a chance to add an aesthetic and unique appeal to your bridal avatar. Whether it’s for the haldi, mehendi or the main day, you can just hook on to these floral trends.

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