Unconventional Ritual Of Traditional Sindhi Wedding That Makes It Full Of Fun And Masti


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Unconventional Ritual Of Traditional Sindhi Wedding That Makes It Full Of Fun And Masti

Sindhis believe in living life king size and this shows in their weddings. Sindhi weddings are all about dancing, rich rituals and an elaborate buffet. Since Sindhi community shares a geographical border with Punjab, their weddings are just as fun and loud as a Punjabi wedding. If there is one thing that stands out in a Sindhi community, it is their ritual of tearing clothes of the groom-to-be. Let's get to know more about this unique ritual.

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Unique Ritual Of A Sindhi Wedding

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The Unique Ritual

There are so many fun rituals that one witness in an Indian wedding like Gujarati mother-in-laws pulling groom's nose and sister-in-laws stealing his footwear; there is one ritual which stands out as the most unconventional one, Saanth. It is a Sindhi ritual in which the clothes of the groom are not torn by the people of bride's side but by his own friends and relatives.

Unique Ritual Of A Sindhi Wedding

On the eve of the wedding, groom's close friends and family members, preferably married, put oil on the head of the groom. He is made to wear a shoe on his right foot and then break an earthen pot with that foot. Once everything is done, the relatives of the groom tear off all of his clothes. This is one of the most amazing and unique pre-wedding rituals of a Sindhi wedding. Not only is this fun but it has a beautiful tradition attached to it as well.

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A Meaningful Ritual

Unique Wedding Ritual Of A Sindhi Wedding

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Getting married is one of the most important decisions of one's life. It can change someone's life completely. Sindhis also believe in the same. They believe that a person starts a new life when they get married and that is why the clothes of the groom are torn.

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Unique Sindhi Wedding RitualImages Courtesy: Phototantra

The clothes of the groom symbolise his old life which is of a single person. The relatives tear the clothes to ward off the evil and to prepare the groom for his new life. With the clothes, his bachelorhood is separated from him. It is believed that after this ritual, the groom is free from all the evil and ready to embark on a new journey as a married man.

India is a land of various cultures and each of them is beautiful. Sindhi weddings are one of a kind. Their traditions are meaningful and they follow them religiously. If you haven't attended a Sindhi wedding yet, it's time that you do. Stay tuned with us to know more unique rituals that make an Indian wedding a completely fun to attend. 

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