10 Unique And Stunning Varmala Designs For Your Wedding


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10 Unique And Stunning Varmala Designs For Your Wedding

Congratulations! You will soon walk down the aisle with your fiancé and start a new chapter of your life. We are sure you must be very excited and must be planning everything for your wedding right from your entry, to your outfits and what not. But, have you decided about your varmala designs? No! We thought so. The design of the garland is often neglected thinking that it will not make much difference but the truth is that the right design and colour of your varmala accentuates your whole outfit and even the wedding pictures.

Don’t believe us? Well, then take a look at some of the stunning varmala designs to know how they can uplift the whole attire and look.

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#1. Dash of gold

White flowers with golden ribbons/motifs is an ideal choice if you want to keep your garland simple without adding much colour to it. You can even try this design with any single colour flower, if not white.

#2. Ravishing roses

If roses are your favourite flowers then why not use them in your varmala? You can use single-coloured rose or flower of contrasting colours of your choice.

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#3. Bejewelled

How about exchanging garlands made of only emeralds or any other precious stones? Sounds classy right? So why not try it! You can even add kundan and flowers to the stones for a royal look.

#4. Go the new way

If you are going with red and white flower varmala then design them in a different pattern instead of the same old way. Take a clue from these pictures on how to give a new design to the old colour pattern.

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#5. Pretty pearls

Pearl strings are yet another way to add an oomph factor to your varamala. The white pearls look simple and classic at the same time.

#6. Beautiful beads

And if not pearls, then you can even opt for simple beads to get almost the same effect.

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#7. Light and simple

If you are not keen on wearing a bulky designed varmala then go for these types of varmalas. They are less heavy in weight and look different from the usual ones.

#8. Go quirky

Why not have fun with the design of the varmala by choosing some unusual colours of the flowers? You can use the colour block technique to add life to boring or dull looking garlands. Else, go with gradation varmalas to have various shades of almost the same colour flowers.

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#9. Royal touch

What is special about this varmala? Look at it carefully. This varmala is made of shells and ribbon roses. Doesn’t this looks stunning? Do consider this style for your function.

#10. Classy carnation

Leaves with carnation or leaves with any other flowers will also make a beautiful varmala design. Take a look and decide for yourself.

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And you thought varmala designs are not that important! It’s not too late now. Pick few styles of varmala from the above-mentioned designs and ask your florist to make it. Exchange of garland signifies your first step towards your union so make it special with some stunning varmala. And do not forget to tell us your favourite pick.