When Udit Narayan's First Wife Forcefully Entered Into His Hotel Room After His Second Marriage

A look at the infamous incident of popular singer, Udit Narayan's life, when his first wife, Ranjana forcefully entered his hotel room with some reporters to expose their marriage publicly.


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When Udit Narayan's First Wife Forcefully Entered Into His Hotel Room After His Second Marriage

Udit Narayan is one of the most popular singers in the history of the Indian music industry. The iconic singer is also renowned by the title of 'Melody King' across the country, courtesy of his so many timeless songs. Udit Narayan was born on December 1, 1955, in Bihar's Baisi village in Supaul district. While his father, Harekrishna Jha was a farmer, his mother, Bhuvneshwari Devi, was a folk singer.

It was Udit Narayan's mother, who encouraged him to make his career in singing, as she had seen her son's inclination towards music right from an early age. The singer made his singing debut in Bollywood back in 1980 with the song, Mil gaya, Mil gaya, in the film, Unees Bees. Since then, he has sung in more than 11 different languages. From winning four National Film Awards to receiving the prestigious Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards, Udit has engraved his status as one of the greatest Indian singers ever.

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Meet Udit Narayan's first wife, Ranjana Jha Narayan

udit Narayan

Almost everything is known about Udit Narayan's illustrious career as a singer, but his personal life has also been a topic of mass controversy for a long period. For the unversed, Udit Narayan tied the knot with Deepa Gahatraj back in 1985. The couple welcomed a baby boy on August 6, 1987, whom they lovingly named Aditya Narayan, who is now a famous singer and host.

However, only a few people are aware that Udit Narayan's marriage with Deepa Gahatraj was his second marriage. Shocked? Well, it was in 2006 when the entire Bollywood industry and Udit Narayan's massive fanbase were left numb when the singer's first wife, Ranjana Jha Narayan, made her first public appearance. It was a major shock for almost everyone, and the way everything unfolded tarnished the singer's image to some extent.

When Udit Narayan's first wife, Ranjana Jha Narayan entered his hotel room with reporters

Udit Narayan and Ranjana

It was the year 2006, and Udit Narayan was all set for his show in Patna, which is one of his most loved cities. The singer booked a hotel in Patna and was inside his room when his first wife, Ranjana Jha Narayan, arrived with some reporters. Initially, the hotel staff tried their best to keep Ranjana out of their hotel's premises, but reportedly, because of the media's pressure, they couldn't keep them out.

As a result, Ranjana Jha Narayan went straight into her husband, Udit Narayan's room and forcefully opened it. After the incident, she announced their marriage openly. When the media asked Ranjana about the same, she gave a fiery statement as she clearly stated that she had waited enough and now she wanted to seek justice. She said:

"I have come here to seek justice. He kept me in the dark about his second marriage with Deepa, also a playback singer, for years, and now I have come to seek my rightful place."

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Udit Narayan

Ranjana Jha Narayan not only announced her marriage to the iconic singer, Udit Narayan, but also revealed that he hadn't given her divorce before tying the marital knot with Deepa Gahatraj. When Udit was asked about Ranjana's claims, he refuted them by saying that she was trying to malign his image. After this statement by the singer, what followed were a series of explosive revelations and accusations from Ranjana Jha Narayan towards him.

When Udit Narayan broke his first wife, Ranjana Jha Narayan's promise

udit narayan

Ranjana Jha Narayan publicly revealed that she got married to Udit Narayan back in 1984. She also shared that after not getting opportunities to sing, Udit told her that he wanted to shift to Mumbai. Ranjana added that Udit told her to wait for him to be successful so that he could bring her to Mumbai with him. However, after waiting for years, when she heard about Udit's marriage with Deepa Gahatraj, it broke her heart, and she decided to reveal the truth to the world.

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Udit Narayan with family

On one side, while Ranjana Jha Narayan was sharing details about her marriage with Udit Narayan, on the other side, troubles were also rising in the singer's second marriage with Deepa Gahatraj. At the time of this controversy, Udit and Deepa's son, Aditya Narayan was 19 years old, and no wonder he was also going through a lot of emotions as the case was in court.

When Udit Narayan finally accepted Ranjana Jha Narayan as his first wife

Udit Narayan and Ranjana

However, after some months, Udit Narayan finally accepted that Ranjana Jha Narayan was his first wife and agreed to provide for her maintenance. It was undoubtedly one of the lowest phases of Udit Narayan's life, but time healed it. As of now, the singer is leading a happy life with his wife, son, daughter-in-law (Shweta Agarwal), and grandchild (Tvisha Narayan Jha).

What are your thoughts on Udit Narayan's decision to marry Deepa Gahatraj without giving divorce to his first wife, Ranjana Jha Narayan? Let us know.

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