Top 10 Longest Lasting Perfumes That Will Make You Smell Good All Day


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Top 10 Longest Lasting Perfumes That Will Make You Smell Good All Day

A bottle of fragrance is something that one can find in almost every bride's beauty bag. After all, a sweet smell is an absolute necessity to make her feel fresh during all those long ceremonies, on a date with her husband, her honeymoon, or any other busy day. But, not all of them actually stay for the entire day. In fact, a lot of perfumes just fade away soon after they are applied.

Well, for all our lovely brides-to-be, we have something to save you all from this disappointment. Here is a list of long-lasting perfumes that will make you feel fresh even after a long busy day.

#1. Burberry Weekend Eau de Parfum

Spritz Burberry Weekend Eau de Parfum on your pulse points, and feel its magic for an entire day. With a mix of wild rose, iris, peach blossom and hyacinth, this perfume has a fantastic aroma as well as staying power. As the name suggests, enjoy a weekend date with your husband with this refreshing scent.

Price Rs. 3,280: BUY

#2. Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Body Mist

No matter how long your day is, this romantic, refreshing, and sexy scent from the world of Victoria’s Secret will definitely stay with you. A blend of apple blossom and ylang ylang, this body mist is infused with gentle chamomile and soothing aloe vera. And, not just you, even your darling husband will totally love this fragrance on you. So, make sure you wear this on a romantic dinner with him.

Price Rs. 810 BUY

#3. L'Air Du Temps By Nina Ricci

This refreshing, classic perfume has a blend of carnation, rose, jasmine, iris and sandalwood. Its scent stays on and on and on. This is going to be an amazing addition to your perfume collection. And, before you go out to the market for those day-long shopping sessions, make sure you apply this to feel fresh the entire day.

Price Rs. 2,640 BUY

 #4. Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose

A perfect blend of floral, musky and woody notes, this oceanic scent will fill you with the freshness of cool breeze and violet petals. To give yourself a lasting newness, squirt this perfume on your well-moisturised skin. It will simply be perfect for all those lunch or dinner parties at your relatives' place after wedding.

Price Rs. 4,300 BUY

#5. Pleats Please L'eau By Issey Miyake

For a lasting effervescence, pick up this lovely perfume that has a joyful mix of wild rose, pink pepper, Bulgarian rose, cedar, white musk, neroli and patchouli. These elements make it one of the longest lasting perfumes in this price range. And, that makes it just perfect for a long lasting dance party. So, enjoy your bachelorette party with this fun fragrance.

Also Recommended Issey Miyake For Women, Price: Rs. 3,416 BUY

#6. Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

Bright Crystal from Versace is the perfect pick for women who love floral, fruity and musky scents. Infused with the whiff of magnolia, plant amber, pomegranate, peony, mahogany and musk, this fragrance has all the reasons to be a favourite of all the women! You can wear it for a day function or any puja, to stay fresh all the time.

Price Rs. 3,499 BUY

#7. Nina L' Elixir by Nina Ricci

Another wonderful fragrance from Nina Ricci, this one is too charming, and it lets you feel the vibes all day long. With lemon, berries, jasmine and musk accents, L’Elixir is certainly a pleasure to own. Be it any of your pre-wedding functions or a regular day at office, this perfume is just perfect for all the occasions.

Price: Rs. 2,760 BUY

#8. Provocative Woman By Elizabeth Arden

Three words simply define the mood of this fragrance- confident, alluring and seductive. And, a tantalising fusion of amber, sandalwood, and white musk simply makes that possible. Perfect for all occasions, Provocative Woman is a priced possession. So ladies, do not forget to pack it in your bag before leaving for your honeymoon.

Price Rs. 2,850 BUY

#9. Burberry Classic Eau De Parfum

Burberry Classic is one of those perfumes that you would want to buy even before your present bottle finishes. The fruity accents in it give you a head start for the day, while the floral woody smell keeps you truly delighted. The blend of cedar, sandal, jasmine, and vanilla makes it just the best thing about your day! Wear this classic aroma on your wedding day to not just look like a princess, but also feel like one.

Price Rs. 3,300 BUY

#10. Euphoria by Calvin Klein

This exotic perfume from Calvin Klein gives you the long-lasting freshness with a blend of pomegranate, orchid, and lotus. This is a perfect scent for women who love strong fragrance. And, if your husband too loves strong aroma, then this is yet another perfume to be packed in your honeymoon bag.

Also Recommended: Eternity By Calvin Klein Price Rs. 4,875 BUY

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