6 Quick Tips To Get Rid Of Added Weight Post-Honeymoon And Get Back In Shape


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6 Quick Tips To Get Rid Of Added Weight Post-Honeymoon And Get Back In Shape

Honeymoon is one of the most beautiful phases of a newly-wed’s life. It is the time just after marriage when the couple wants to get pampered and indulge in the best of everything, including food. Yes, at this time you literally throw away all your worries about the weight gain. Apart from indulging in food, there is no physical activity during the first few days after the wedding.

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Well, be aware, as all this would just add up to the crisis later when you come face to face with the extra weight that you might end up gaining. Here are a few simple and efficient tips to help you get rid of that added weight in a couple of weeks.

#1.Have a family fitness meet

Tips To Loose Weight Post Marriage

Here is a great way for the newly-weds to bond with their new families. Instead of just spending weekends going out with your sweetheart on dates, why not have a family fitness competition every weekend? It will help you to bond with one another, spend some quality time together, and get back in shape too. Add some interesting and light games, such as racing, swimming, cricket matches, etc. to keep everyone on their feet, including you.

#2.Get going with the household chores

Tips To Loose Post-Honeymoon Weight

To burn out the extra calories that were gained during the holiday, try and do all the household chores yourself. Well, it is a nice way to get some brownie points with your mom-in-law and to get your fitness regime kick-started. Starting from sweeping to cooking and from cleaning to washing, each of these activities will help you shed off some weight.

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#3.Get him involved!

Tips To Loose Post-Honeymoon Weight

Once back from the honeymoon, there is nothing better than getting back to your previous fitness regime. If you want to spend time with your better half while trying to do so, then start a routine with them in it. A morning walk, or join a gym or a dance class together will help you two to get some time alone and burn some calories too.

#4.Indulge in healthy eating

Tips To Loose Post-Honeymoon Weight

To fulfil your appetite without any extra calories, make soups and salads your new best friends. They add up to the nutrient requirement without adding on to the weight. Also, stay away from ghee; go for olive oil or some other healthier options. You can even replace the high-on calorie snacks at home with some healthy diet bhels and other low-calorie snacks.

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#5.Start with a green tea

Tips To Loose Post-Honeymoon Weight

There is nothing better than having 3-4 cups of green tea each day to flush out the toxins from your body and burn those extra calories that you might have accumulated over the vacation. Besides this, green tea has many more benefits to its name. Water is another great drink that you should add to your daily routine religiously to get rid of that extra weight.

#6.Stop indulging, NOW!

Tips To Loose Post-Honeymoon Weight

This is the time to balance your lifestyle again when back from a trip. Try and keep yourself away from indulgence in junk food and sweets. By keeping sweets away for a while, no matter how enticing and exciting they look, you can avoid further weight gain. If you feel like you crave for some, then you can go for a piece or two of sugar free desserts that are easily available these days. But, do so in moderation as well.

So, its time to control your taste buds and switch to healthy eating. With these simple tricks, we are sure you will soon be back in shape and will be able to flaunt your curves as much as you like. Stay tuned with us to know more about getting fit without much of a hard work. 

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