This Epic Proposal Scene From Bollywood Will Surely Leave You Inspired And Laughing


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This Epic Proposal Scene From Bollywood Will Surely Leave You Inspired And Laughing

There is so much that Bollywood films tell us about love, relationships and marriages. They don't just entertain us; they also leave us inspired at times. Yes, whether it comes to wooing or expressing your love, you can rely on a Bollywood movie to steal an idea or two. Well, we can say the same thing when it comes to proposing your sweetheart for marriage. And, we are not talking about Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan-style of proposing. We are going to go way back... way back to the Showman of Bollywood- Raj Kapoor! Yes, it is time to learn the art of making a perfect marriage proposal from the master himself. To know what we are talking about, you have to see this scene from the 1960 classic, Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai, starring Raj Kapoor and Padmini.

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Well, after seeing this one we are sure you would forget SRK’s izhaar-e-mohabbat (expression of love) in Dil Toh Pagal Hai or Aamir Khan's proposal in Dil Chahta Hai. Guys, it is time to go classic and steal some wooing tips from the Raj Kapoor. After all, he did make his lady blush like none other, right?

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Why to go for such proposal?

Well, this is how a true gentleman would propose. Get your intentions straight out, and let the lady know that you have already chosen the names of future kids, and now all that is left is finding a mother for them.

There is no beating around the bush like, “jab se maine tumhe dekha hai…”, or “jab tum aati ho toh meri saanse rukk jaati hain”. You come straight to the topic at hand and get over with it, “kammo ji…aap mere uss lalle ki maa banengi?” (Will you become the mother of my future son?). Now, how can anyone refuse such an innocent offer?

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Step-by-step guide to ace such a proposal

Firstly, find a name for your future kid… your lalla!
Our suggestion: Please skip Shri Ganga Prasad, because it was already taken at least a few good decades back. 

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Ok, sorry that was the only joke we are going to crack here; so, coming back to the serious business! How to make a proposal in the style of the showman of Bollywood- Raj Kapoor:

Find an innocent and sweet girl (P.S.: someone who would blush and not hit you).

Find a right spot- a sunsaaan si jagah! Yes, a proposal should be a special moment that should stay between a couple only.

Next, stare at your lady love...

After she gets conscious of your stare and asks you “What’s up?” gear up, because this is it!

All you have to do is utter those magical words… “Kya tum mere bacchon ki maa banogi?”

And well, as they say… Rest is history!

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Well, we always believe that almost every Bollywood movie has something worth taking inspiration from. That is why, here we are to collect such rare gems and bring them to you. And well, we are sure that if this proposal doesn’t make your life exciting and happening, it will certainly make your day all the more brighter, what say?


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