10 Things You Must Do After Coming Back From Your Honeymoon


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10 Things You Must Do After Coming Back From Your Honeymoon

You spent a great deal of time in the whirlwind of your wedding preparations, didn’t you? But, now that you’re back, let’s get around discussing a few important things which are listed out to make life easier for you after marriage.

Here are those things that you are advised not to skip once you are back from your honeymoon!

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#1. Gifts

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Sort your gifts and figure out what you may need to set up your new home. Make a list of who has given you what and probably the next time you are to meet them, just mention that you had loved the wedding present!

#2. Cash

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Usually family members and some of your friends prefer gifting you cash on your wedding and if you’re lucky, you may just have a stash of cash waiting just for you! Now what you do with that money is an important discussion because whether it’s you who’s got it or your spouse, you got to invest both your cash gifts together. You could think of using it to make your fixed deposits or use it as emergency fund later. Just make sure you have a healthy discussion about it.

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#3. Mail thank you notes

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Your close friends and family members deserve a thank you for all that they’ve done for you. Some may not have been a part of it since the beginning, but them being present on your big day to see you guys together is a reason enough to express your gratitude! Do it together whether it’s his or her side of people.

#4. Get your wedding album made

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Yes, it’s important that you do it together. You’ll have to sift through at least a 1000 photos to shortlist, but it’s worth your time. Make sure you’ve given your photographer clear instructions on what kind of album is it that you want. The result is going to be a collage of memories of what will seem like yesterday even when you see it decades later!

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#5. Catch up with your friends

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Life gets busier for the initial couple of months for newlyweds, but don’t forget to meet your buddies. They might be waiting to meet you especially if they couldn’t make it to your wedding or if you couldn’t invite them because your wedding was a low-key affair with only close group of people.

#6. Meet each other’s relatives over dinner or chai

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Make sure that if any of either side of relatives invite you for dinner, lunch or chai, you meet them. It’ll be good to know who is important in the hierarchy of each other’s family and what sort of a bond you share with them. These gupshups go a long way into establishing your spouse’s connect with your extended family. So, go right away!

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#7. Change your name if you wish to

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Well, this is only for the ladies, it’s totally up to you whether you want to change your surname you’ve lived with all your life or not. Some women add their husband’s name, while others choose not to change it at all. Just let your partner know about your decision.

#8. Talk about money

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You’re married now. It’s important that you talk about money. The two of you must know each other’s financial standing and responsibilities towards your respective families. Talk about your debts (if at all), monthly expenditure and share information which might seem unimportant like your bank accounts (don’t share passwords if you don’t want to!) either independent or joint accounts with your family member. Will you transfer money to your parents’ or not, too has to be discussed as anything under the wraps may not be acceptable to your spouse. Remember that you’re a team.

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#9. Get over your wedding

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It’s alright to feel on top of the world since you’re finally living the dream you’d always dreamt. However, don’t go overboard and ridiculously obsess about it either on social media or over phone with friends and family. You’re happy of course but you can celebrate it in some other ways with your partner. How about a glass of wine and binging on Netflix?

#10. Get your wedding outfits dry-cleaned and raid the closet!

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Whether you’d spent a fortune on your wedding costume or not, one thing that you must do is get it dry-cleaned because it’s special! Also, raid your partner’s closet…make your space and organise it together so that what’s kept where is known to both!

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If you are already back from your honeymoon and have not done any of the above mentioned things, then get set go! Here’s wishing you best wishes on your life together! 

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