Madhuri Left Bollywood At The Peak Of Her Career To Marry A Doctor Who Was Her Brother's Choice


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Madhuri Left Bollywood At The Peak Of Her Career To Marry A Doctor Who Was Her Brother's Choice

Madhuri Dixit, the dhak dhak of the nation, broke many hearts when her marriage to Dr. Nene was announced. The talented actress was the ruling Queen of Bollywood at the time of her marriage, which is why everyone was surprised at this sudden announcement.

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Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

As the gorgeous actress likes to keep her personal life away from the media glare, very little is known about her marriage with the suave and handsome cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr Sriram Nene. But, there’s one thing that everyone agrees with, and that is they make an incredibly happy and perfect couple.

Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

Every time they make an appearance together, it’s a treat to the eyes. There is a lot to be learned from this perfect regal couple. Let’s take a peek into their life to find out what makes them so awe-worthy.

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When love blossomed

Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

All this while love was lurking just around the corner. It is said that Dr Nene, was a close friend of Ajit Dixit, Madhuri’s brother, who lived in the US. A request from her brother to meet his friend just once, brought the two together. To get to know each other better they started meeting more often, and after going steady for three months, they decided to get married.

Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

Once in an interview, when asked why she got married when she was at the peak of her career, pat came a reply from Madhuri:

Because I was in love.

And that is exactly what you do when you meet the right man, isn’t it?

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Finding the middle ground

Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

Marriage is all about finding the middle ground where both the partners feel comfortable and help each other. A marriage can be happy and successful only when you grow together. And, when it comes to Madhuri and Sriram’s married life, there are many examples where the couple sought the middle ground for growth.

Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

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When Madhuri got married, she was already working on some assignments. Displaying an excellent show of professionalism, she came back to Mumbai after a 10-day long honeymoon in Hawaii to complete her pending work commitments. And, as a very supportive husband, Dr Nene let her complete her work post marriage.

On completion of her projects, the dhak dhak girl flew off with her Prince Charming, taking a sabbatical from the entertainment industry.

Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

Being a woman who could have anyone at her beck and call to manage the household in India, Madhuri went off to settle in Denver where Dr. Nene was practising. That is not all. The down-to-earth actress even did her own shopping for groceries like other women without throwing any tantrums. She said in one of her interviews:

I remember when the first time I went grocery shopping in US, my heart was thumping. But then, I felt so good. It’s a feeling of freedom here.

Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

Every marriage goes through different moments of disagreements and difference of opinions, but the key to keep your marriage happy and healthy is to know when to give and take. When Dr Nene was asked if they fought much, he said:

Part of a successful relationship is knowing when to give and take.

After spending 12 long years in the USA, when Madhuri relocated to Mumbai with her husband and children, it was time for all of them to make some adjustments. As films would take too much of her time, the gorgeous beauty decided to work in the telly world so she could spend time with her kids who were very young then. And, despite great offers from reputed medical colleges, Dr Nene took a position in a municipal hospital to serve those who cannot afford expensive medical treatment.

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Their formula for happiness

Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

When you genuinely enjoy each other’s company, it does not matter what is the setting for a romantic date. Any time spent together in any corner of the world turns into blissful happy moments. And Dr. Nene wholeheartedly agreed to this when he said:

A romantic date is about the person you are with and how you treat each other. I would say that we could be anywhere and enjoy each other’s company.

Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

In one of the interviews, Dr. Nene revealed the secret behind their happy and successful marriage saying:

We strike the right balance. She has always been grounded. I am the dreamer and adventurer. She has taught me patience and I have taught her organisation.

Madhuri Dixit And Sriram Nene

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Blessed with two adorable kids, Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Shriram Nene’s marital life is a perfect example of a strong companionship and how a partner - wife or husband - should be like. Together they have helped each other grow without becoming a hindrance to each other’s personal and professional lives. Among all the recent divorces and breakups, their rock-solid marriage is an inspiration to all of us.

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