The Healthy Reasons Behind Wearing Indian Jewellery Which We Bet You Didn't Know Before


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The Healthy Reasons Behind Wearing Indian Jewellery Which We Bet You Didn't Know Before

Wearing jewellery is a tradition in India, especially after marriage. It not only enhances the beauty of a woman, but also benefits her health. Surprised to read this? Well, it is true. All the ornaments that you wear affect your health in some way or the other.

Want to know how your favourite jewellery boosts your health? Then read on to know the secret.

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#1. Rings

healthy reasons behind wearing jewellery- rings

One of the reasons why people wear a ring in the fourth finger, also known as the ring finger, is because it is believed that the nerve passing through this finger is connected to the brain. And, when you wear a ring in this finger, it causes constant friction, thus improving your health. It is also said that by wearing a ring in this finger improves one’s ability to handle their life in a better way. No wonder, many people prefer to wear their rings in the ring finger.

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#2. Toe ring

healthy reasons behind wearing jewellery- toe rings

Although many people wear toe rings for fashion, this is one jewellery item that is compulsory for every bride to wear after marriage in the second toe finger. Why? Well, because it regularises the menstrual cycle in women, helping them to conceive. It even revitalises their reproductive organs.

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#3. Anklets

healthy reasons behind wearing jewellery- anklets

Worn above the feet joint, anklets make women active. An anklet, which is usually made of silver, is a good conductor of energy. It works as a mediator between the earth and human body, making women more enthusiastic while sending negative energy back to the earth.

#4. Hip belt

healthy reasons behind wearing jewellery- hip belts

Hip belt or kardhani or kamarbandh, which is worn on the hip, is usually made of gold or silver. Although it is not worn by women on daily basis, it helps women control their weight. It even avoids accumulation of flab in the hip, thus helping in maintaining their figure.

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#5. Mangalsutra

healthy reasons behind wearing jewellery- mangalsutra

The mangalsutra is of utmost importance for every married woman. The black beads of the mangalsutra absorb the negative vibrations of the universe. The mangalsutra even regularises blood circulation in women, along with controlling their blood pressure level.

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#6. Maang tikka

healthy reasons behind wearing jewellery- maang tikka

The maang tikka controls the heat of the body. The point where the tikka falls, that is on the centre of the forehead is believed to be the Ajna chakra. The chakra signifies the union of the male and female on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

#7. Bangles

healthy reasons behind wearing jewellery- bangles

The constant friction by bangles increases the blood circulation level in women. Furthermore, the round bangles do not allow the electric energy passing through the outer skin to escape, thus reverting one’s energy back to the body.

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#8. Earrings

healthy reasons behind wearing jewellery- earrings

You love to flaunt your earrings, don’t you? And, why should you not. It not only makes you look prettier, but also has health benefits. Earrings have an acupuncture effect on the body. Furthermore, a nerve that connects the brain, kidney and cervix passes through the right ear, which helps in keeping the kidney and bladder healthy.   

#9. Nose ring

healthy reasons behind wearing jewellery- nose rings

It is believed that piercing the nose on a particular node on the nostril eases the pain during the menstrual cycle in women. The nose ring is supposed to be worn on the left nostril as nerves from there are associated with female reproductive organs. Plus, a woman who has had her nose pierced experiences less pain during childbirth.

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We bet you never thought that wearing jewellery can have so many health benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Take those ornaments out, that you have kept in your closet, and wear them to get health benefits.


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