From Takrar To Pyaar: The Filmy Love Story Of Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani


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From Takrar To Pyaar: The Filmy Love Story Of Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

Love happens when you least expect it! From hating each other for a long time to becoming best friends unknowingly and then finally falling head-over-heels in love with each other, this couple’s story is zara hatke!

The heroine of this story is pretty actress, Sunayana Fozdar and hero is very charming Kunhal Bhambhwani. Their romance seems straight out of some Bollywood masala movie! Don’t believe us? Read yourself to know!

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Pehli Takrar

Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

Sunayana and Kunhal were in the same college in Mumbai. Initially they didn’t like each other at all. The reason was weird, they were too similar! Sunayana shares:

“Initially it started off with definitely not liking each other and we couldn’t stand each other because we both have this same sense of humour. Every time I met him in the college, I was like I don’t want to be with this guy like ever, not even friends with him!”

Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

Kunhal giving a brief description on how they met, said:

“We met in college. We both have a very sarcastic sense of humour, so initially we only kept fighting. We only had problems, we only kept picking on each other. So then, we became friends and then best friends and then slowly-slowly, we fell for each other.”

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Dosti Ki Pehli Shuruat

Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

Although their start wasn’t so amazing and they didn’t like each other, but slowly and slowly, they got to know each other and became best friends.

Kunhal shared their journey from hating each other to becoming best friends. He said:

“We always use to fight, pick up fights with each other! We always used to keep teasing each other and then slowly-slowly, as time passed by, we got to know each other.”

He further shared:

“And then, some project happened in which we had to work together or work with the same people maybe. That is how we started talking and then we became friends. Gradually we came best friends and eventually as they say, love happened!

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Finally Jab Pyaar Hua

Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

The college project played the cupid and these two fell head-over-heels in love with each other! Talking more about how they fell in love, Sunayana shared:

“So then from friendship to liking, things changed between us, but we are I think still great friends. I think we are more friends than lovers!”

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The Filmy Proposal

Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

So, after realizing that their khatti-meethi nok jhok has turned into love, who proposed first?

Sunayana shared:

“Kunhal always told me that he liked me. I was taking my time because I didn’t want to lose the only best friend that I have, because I didn’t have any other guy best friend!”

She further added:

“I don’t want to let Kunhal go, so I kept on telling him that what if things don’t work out! I am scared to lose you!”

So, the proposal happened! The deeply in love Kunhal went on his knees to propose his ladylove. Talking about how the proposal was, Kunhal said:

“Proposal happened! I proposed her properly. In fact I took her to Pune for a drive, and there I went on my knees in the middle of the road and I asked her out with a ring!”

Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

Talking about Sunayana’s reaction, Kunhal further added:

“She was shocked! I think she was just looking at the ring rather than looking at me. She was like it is good, yeah, give it to me!”

Well, that was a funny reaction from Sunayana’s side. Sharing her feelings at the time of the proposal, she said:

“Yeah, I wore the ring that day to accept his proposal because if I wouldn’t then he would think something else! But, I also told him that I will not wear it till we really make it official and till our parents get to know about us.”

Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

Once, when Kunhal was asked that how he is going to say 'I love you' to Sunayana without being sarcastic, he promptly said:

“Oh! That is a difficult thing. We normally do it with our eyes then!”

After the filmy proposal, Sunayana and Kunhal dated each other for almost four years, before tying the knot!

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#SuKun Ki Shaadi

Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

After dating each other for so many years, they told their families, and then their parents met and decided to get them married. The couple had a beautiful beach wedding, attended by Sunayana and Kunhal’s close friends and family.

Kunhal had once said:

“I think it is always good to just marry your best friend. That’s how they always say you know in Hindi movies na, ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi reh sakte!”

Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

The couple tied the knot on March 12, 2016 and it was a grand 2-day affair! From Kunhal’s gangster-style entry to Sunayana’s mehendi and sangeet to their designer outfits, everything was just perfect! Their wedding was super-fun, as Kunhal’s elder brother had organised Tomatina festival as a part of their wedding celebrations and it was crazy!

Sunayana Fozdar And Kunhal Bhambhwani

Sunayana wore a stunning hot pink gota patti lehenga, designed by Anita Dongre. She teamed it up with beautiful pink city jewellery and looked like a dream! The best part about her wedding outfit was the colour, it was selected by Kunhal as that was ‘the colour’ in which he wanted to see her on their wedding day.  

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Well, this was the filmy love story of Sunayana and Kunhal, which started with takrar and ended in pyaar! The couple will soon complete the first year of their blissful marriage and we wish them a bag full of happiness and togetherness forever!  

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