'That Glam Girl' Himanshi Tekwani And Rishi Athwani Announce Separation, Netizens Blame The Latter

Popular YouTuber, Himanshi Tekwani, aka 'That Glam Girl', announced separation from her husband, Rishi Athwani, leaving their massive fanbase in absolute shock.


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'That Glam Girl' Himanshi Tekwani And Rishi Athwani Announce Separation, Netizens Blame The Latter

The popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer, Himanshi Tekwani, who is renowned by the name, ‘That Glam Girl’ is one of the most famous vloggers in India. While on YouTube, Himanshi enjoys a massive fan-following of 4.94 million subscribers, on Instagram, she has 702K followers. Himanshi is one of the most followed and loved Vloggers in India, as she is famous for always presenting her life in the most unfiltered manner on her YouTube channel, That Glam Girl. From documenting her personal life to making fun and entertaining video, Himanshi never skips a chance to bring a smile to the faces of her million subscribers.

'That Glam Girl' Himanshi Tekwani announces separation from her husband, Rishi Athwani in her latest YouTube vlog

However, the ace vlogger is currently going through the lowest phase of her life. On June 1, 2023, Himanshi Tekwani took to her YouTube channel, That Glam Girl and posted a serious video of herself, in which she confirmed all the speculations of a major blow in her married life with her husband, Rishi Athwani. The famous influencer clearly stated that she had decided to separate from Rishi. However, she also added that it wasn’t a decision which was taken in a moment of heat.

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The YouTuber, Himanshi Tekwani shared how a lot of her subscribers were telling her to mend ways with Rishi Athwani for their better future. However, she clearly stated that both she and Rishi have decided to go with their decision of separation, and neither of them has agreed to this due to their egos. Himanshi also urged her followers to give her some time as she’s uncomfortable talking about such a serious thing on the internet. She said:

"Bahut saare comments aare hain ki aap please try karo and situation ko theek kardo. Toh main aapko batana chahti hu ki ye chooti baat nahin hain, koi majak nahin hain, na he koi ego mein kari hui baat hain. Situations worst se worst hojati hain uske baad mein esa step lena hota hain. Reasons hain bahut saare reasons hain."

Click here to watch the YouTube vlog.

Netizens blamed Rishi Athwani for his separation from Himanshi Tekwani

As soon as Himanshi Tekwani’s vlog titled, ‘Please guys’ went live on her YouTube channel, That Glam Girl, netizens were quick to comment on it. The video garnered a lot of attention on Reddit too and several users admitted that writings were on the walls, hinting that the way Rishi Athwani was leading their married life was quite disturbing.

One user shared how Rishi Athwani took over Himanshi Tekwani’s YouTube channel recently and started uploading content which was completely opposite to what she had been uploading for years. The user further added that Rishi opened a separate YouTube channel and started minting money on the fame he got from featuring in Himanshi’s vlogs. The user also called Rishi a ‘manchild’, and his/her comment can be read as:

"Rishi (beingrishi on YouTube recently opened YouTube channel) and himanshi (that glam girl on YouTube since 5-6 years) got married. Her egoistical manchild husband took over her YouTube channel, renamed it to that glam couple and started posting vlogs and cringe pranks. Full cringe nibba nibbi stuff. Since 1-2 months they haven’t been posting videos. Suddenly rishi comes with his new channel, doesn’t mention himanshi in his vlogs even once."

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Rishi Athwani’s ‘The Truth’ vlog on his YouTube channel, ‘Being Rishi’

A few days ago, Rishi Athwani uploaded a vlog on his YouTube channel, Being Rishi. In the vlog, he shared how he and his wife, Himanshi Tekwani have decided to part ways. Although, in the video, Rishi didn’t cite the reasons behind their decision to separate, he requested all his fans and followers not to blame Himanshi for the same. The YouTuber also urged people to give them some time and space and don’t entertain or speculate false rumours about their current situation. He said:

"Meri aur Himanshi ki kuch baatoo mein arguments chal rahi thi. Healthy arguments. Koi fight-vight aur ye saari cheezein nahin. Kuch cheezein hain jo ek couple ke beech rehni chahiye. Hum log conclusion pe nahin aa pare the. Humne kaafi bade aur known logo se advice li. Par un cheezo pe koi solution nahin nikal pa raha tha. Hamare goals match nahin ho pare the."

To watch the YouTube vlog, click here

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