Sushmita Sen Just Said 'I Love You' To Her New Found Love


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Sushmita Sen Just Said 'I Love You' To Her New Found Love

‘Being single is the new cool’. This adage has always been proved truest to its core by the very gorgeous Sushmita Sen. Former Miss Universe (1994), Sen has always been vocal about her blissfully amazing single life that she spends with her two adopted daughters.

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In her life, she has adopted two girls. First, she adopted a baby girl named Renee back in the year 2000, who is now 18 years old. Second, ten years later in 2010, she adopted Alisah.

Sushmita Sen With Daughter Renee

Sushmita once said in an interview:

“I don't need a man in my life to have diamonds. I can own them myself.”

Sushmita Sen Has Found Her Man

There is no dearth of doubt that this powerhouse of beauty has time and again proved her swagger ways of living life. But now, it seems that there is a twist in the tale or rather we should say ‘something in brewing in her life’.

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Sushmita Sen Has Found Her Man

In one of her latest Instagram posts, she can be seen wearing a backless dress, and quite obviously looking hot. Here’s the picture:

Sushmita Sen Has Found Her Man

But what caught our attention was her caption. It read (and with loads of heart emoticons):

“#discipline made #visible I feel #strong and take pride in sharing that strength with people who #inspire me everyday!!!! #YOU here's to "feeling good" changes everything!!!!! love you guys!!!mmmuuuuuaaah!!!!!”

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In another post, in which she is cosily sitting, she describes her state of mind. Here’s the picture:

Sushmita Sen Has Found Her Man

which she captioned (and yet again with loads of heart emoticons):

“When 'He' tells you the most beautiful things and REALLY means them!!!! "Being in love is one thing, BEING love is everything" #sharing a rare shy me!!!! I love you...whatodo!!!!! mmmuuuaaah!!!!”

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Sushmita Sen Has Found Her Man

We wonder who ‘He’ is! But definitely, Sush has found her love and probably has just confessed it on-record!

We so wish to see her bonhomie and love with the ‘He’ of her life. Well, whatever the truth is, we hope she keeps inspiring us and stays eternally beautiful as she is.

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