10 Super-Smart Ways To Tackle Your Best Friend's Jealous Girlfriend


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10 Super-Smart Ways To Tackle Your Best Friend's Jealous Girlfriend

Most girls have that one friend who is the closest to her, her confidant, her only shoulder to cry on and the one who brightens up her day. Fortunately for her and unfortunately for his girlfriend, this friend also happens to be of the opposite sex. Although the two have been together for long and are really "just friends", the problem arises when he gets into a new relationship and his girlfriend enters ‘their’ life. Has this ever happened to you or you feel can happen in future? Is your best pal’s girl jealous of you and your relation with her guy?

Well, here are tips for you to follow in such a situation so that your relationship with your best pal stays as it is even after his girl comes into his life.

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#1. Do not be too touchy with your friend when she is around

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You may be really close to him since forever and casually hugging each other or holding on to each other while you joke or talk. And all this might be normal for both of you. But when around her and otherwise too, now that he has a special someone in her life, respect her insecurities and stop doing that.

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#2. Try to make individual scenes with her

How You Need To Tackle Your Friend’s Jealous Girlfriend

Not only when he is with you, try to break the ice and get to know her better by making scenes with her too, remember, just the two of you. By doing so, you can also let her get to know you and show her that you are no threat to her relationship.

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#3. Do not talk too much about how much fun you both had before she came into his life

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You might have had a blast, but do not really talk about it in front of her. She might feel that you are purposely saying all that to make her feel out of place or to make her realise that you both had a lot more fun before her entry into his life while actually, that is not your intention at all!

#4. Never sit between them when you are out

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They are a couple and would want to do what couples like to do- cuddle, be touchy and kiss whenever possible. So, make sure that while you guys are at the movies or out for dinner, do not ever sit in between them.

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#5. Shopping Trips Can Make You Bond

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Do girls love anything more? Make her your pal too and plan shopping trips that will definitely strengthen your girly bond!

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#6. Make efforts to initiate conversations with her

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Even if she does not open up to you so soon, you make the effort as it won’t make you any less of a person. In fact, she will sense you being welcoming towards her. She is new and might have some reservations or apprehensions; help her come out of her shell.

#7. Bond over bitching about him

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Girls love to pull their guy’s leg! Tell her all the annoying things he does, and let her tell you stuff that she knows too. Gang up against him when you all are together and pull his leg. Make her feel you are on her side and not his!

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#8. Talk of your pets

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Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog! As true as every word is, if she too loves pets and has one, talk of your pet stories. You will become bum chums in a jiffy!

#9. Do not try to show her that you know her boyfriend better than her even if you do

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We know you do, but why do you need to show that to her? Do you have a point to prove? No, right? So just let her know him, her own way without making her feel new, out of place or insecure!

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#10. Introduce her to your girl gang

How You Need To Tackle Your Friend’s Jealous Girlfriend

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And once you know her well, make her a part of your gang too, at least try to! Once she feels a part of your gang, she will like you more and be more relaxed around you rather than being jealous.

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Being jealous of your boyfriend’s best girl pal is very natural. You would be too if you were in that situation. So, without making it an unnecessary love triangle, try to be supportive and cautious of your actions around your best friend's girlfriend. Your equation with him before she came into the picture was different and will change now that she is here. Make the change for the good!