11 Romantic Flowers Other Than Roses To Impress Your Sweetheart This Valentine's Day


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11 Romantic Flowers Other Than Roses To Impress Your Sweetheart This Valentine's Day

Come February, Valentine’s month and love seem to be all around you. And to express your love to your sweetheart, you go scouting around for the best roses in the market, isn’t it? But be careful! Your bouquet of roses might set your partner’s eyes itching or send them into a sneeze fest right in the middle of your proposal.

Roses truly make an appealing choice to get down on your knees. But unfortunately, some people are allergic to these classics. And if your partner is one of those, worry not!  Here is a list of alternate flowers that are as romantic as roses, which you can give to your partner this Valentine's Day.

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#1. Tulips

Flowers on valentine's day

Just like roses, tulips also are a gift you just cannot go wrong with! The gorgeous flowers openly hint at fantasy and are aphrodisiacs too. What’s more, these graceful flowers make the best bet for sensitive individuals as they are low on pollen count. So, go ahead with a beautiful bunch of these stunning flowers and impress your partner with your great taste this Rose Day!

#2. Geranium

Flowers on valentine's day

A bunch of bright red, pink or magenta geraniums make for an excellent floral alternative to bringing a smile on your partner’s face. Moreover, it will give your rose-allergic partner nothing to sniff about. These flowers are not at all problematic as they have a very low level of pollens, and hence, they do not cause any irritation or sniffles. So, what are you waiting for? Pick these up to symbolise a fresh beginning or take your relationship a step further if you are already in love.

#3. Lilies

Flowers on valentine's day

Surprise your lover with a bunch of dramatic lilies and set a background to express your love without those itchy, watery eyes. Lily family is a good choice to create an atmosphere of love and romance. However, not all lilies are allergy-free. Make sure you go for the Asiatic and Tiger lilies that have been altered (pollens removed) to be allergy-free. Asiatic lilies come in myriad colours like pink, red, orange, and mix. The bouquet will surely bring a smile on your sweetheart’s face and the memories won’t wilt either.

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#4. Sunflowers

Flowers on valentine's day

Get down on your knees with a perfect arrangement of bright and sunny sunflowers, and your date is sure to say ‘yes’. Surprised? Well, sunflowers have always been known to help in impressing lovebirds as they symbolise the sun, and hence, warmth and everlasting love! With these flowers, your sweetheart can breathe freely and be at their romantic best. However, not all the flowers in this family are okay for people with allergies. There are some pollen-free sunflower varieties, like Apricot Twist, Infrared Mix and Joker etc., that can find a place in your floral mix.

#5. Iris

Flowers on valentine's day

These dramatic flowers will find their way into your darling’s heart and not the nose and throat. With very little pollen count, Iris can create a spectacular gift for your lover. The gorgeous blue and purple flowers will truly make your partner’s heart sway. You can even take note of the colours your partner likes and they will surely be impressed by your concern towards their likes and dislikes.

#6. Carnations

Flowers on valentine's day

Available in a wide range of colours, carnations are a great way to get romantic on the first day of Valentine’s week. These flowers are extremely romantic and playful, and their intoxicating fragrance will just fill the air around with love. However, look for a species that does not cause irritation or allergy. Pink, white and light purple are the choices of colours in the carnation family that signify undying love.

#7. Daffodils

Flowers on valentine's day

These soft yellow spring flowers can be the most beautiful and refined way of saying ‘I love you’ without any trouble. Gift these to your sweetheart to express your true love. Daffodils come in different colours and shapes and shed very less amount of pollen. So, with these attractive flowers, it is the only romance that would play up and not the allergies.

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#8. Orchids

Flowers on valentine's day

If it is like a mission impossible to impress your woman or your man with flowers, focus on these non-traditional yet exotic ones. The delicate orchids stand for seduction and will show your innovative side if you gift these to your partner. To make it more creative and romantic, you can order a bouquet that will match or complement their clothes. Well, you just need to ensure that they wear the same colour this Rose Day.

#9. Hydrangeas

Flowers on valentine's day

If not roses, then the pollen-free hydrangea flowers can perfectly say “I love you” to your sweetheart for you. Believe us, the floral arrangement of these fancy blooms will turn out to be as classic as a dozen red roses. Hydrangeas come in a variety of bright colours like white, blue, red, salmon, and pink. So, simply pick the one that will please your partner.

#10. Jasmine

Flowers on valentine's day

One hardly needs a reason to gift their beloved a bouquet of jasmine flowers. Jasmine flower is associated with amiability, beauty and grace, and is one of the best ways to express love. Gifting these petite flowers signifies how important the person is for you, and that too in a special way! So, go ahead and show your ‘sweetie’ that you will always be there for her/him.

#11. Magnolia

Flowers on valentine's day

If flowers are a way to someone’s heart, let it be through magnolias this time. These beautiful blossoms will set up a perfect romantic atmosphere for you two. A floral arrangement of large magnolias in soft or vibrant colours can exemplify your emotions like never before. These flowers will not only stand for true love but will also create long-lasting memories. And well, needless to say, the allergies too will not stand in your way of celebrating the romantic and special day.

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While roses have always been associated with love, romance, passion and beauty, there are many other flowers that can convey the same. The whole idea is to focus on the comfort of the person rather than just the visually pleasing effect. So, this Rose Day, let some unconventional and off the wall flowers do all the talking. At the same time, it is advised to not rely on flowers alone as nothing expresses yourself better than your words.