8 Easy Tricks For Brides To Keep Their Sanity Before Wedding Day


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8 Easy Tricks For Brides To Keep Their Sanity Before Wedding Day

Having cold feet is common for brides-to-be. A jittery feeling or anxiety pangs are also a part and parcel of the bride's psyche. But, getting over the jitters is a must, and keeping oneself stress-free is even more important.

Agreed, there are a lot of last minute preparations to be done, but the last thing a bride would want on her wedding day is to look nervous, stressed or tired. Read on to know about some de-stressing tips, prior to your D-Day.

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#1. Music is a great stress-buster

Tricks For Brides To Keep Their Sanity

Music is really a great de-stressing option. Put your favourite songs on your system and while you work, keep the music on.

#2. Enjoy some yoga/exercising

Tricks For Brides To Keep Their Sanity

Keeping oneself fit is of utmost importance. Engaging in yoga will not only keep you fit, but also keep your mind calm and composed. You could also spare 15 minutes for some meditation.

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#3. Spend time with your BFFs

Tricks For Brides To Keep Their Sanity

They are not your BFFs just like that. Spend time with them. Do not be so engaged in your wedding plans that you forget about them. Make them a part of your discussions, your worries, and even your stupid thoughts that crop up. Your friends have known you forever, and they would take everything normally like always, and make you feel light.

#4. Keep assistance ready

Tricks For Brides To Keep Their Sanity

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On your wedding day, you just cannot be answering all phone calls! Keep your cellphone at bay. Hand it over to a person who knows all the wedding related details. For instance, wedding related gifts, way to the venue, etc. The bride cannot be burdened with this added responsibly, so even though you are the person who knows every minute thing or detail, do not be on the phone!

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#5. Bond with your fiancé

Tricks For Brides To Keep Their Sanity

He would be your soulmate. Talk to him on a regular basis. You are both planning to start a new life. Feel free to talk to him about your worries. And voila! All your anxieties about the future will vanish within seconds.

#6. Everything cannot be perfect- Do not panic

Tricks For Brides To Keep Their Sanity

No matter how much you want everything to fall in place there might be one odd thing that goes wrong. There would be people to look after such matters. You are already in a lot of changes mode! Do not panic or create a fuss. Do not shout or get angry! Maintain your sanity.

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#7. Eat good, stay healthy

Tricks For Brides To Keep Their Sanity

Eating right is important always, but extra care is needed before your D-Day. Eat good healthy food. That will keep you fresh. Have fruits and veggies, add also add some nuts and milk in your diet. (READ: 10 Amazing Fruits That Can Make You Look Beautiful)

#8. Engage in a hobby

Tricks For Brides To Keep Their Sanity

Yes, you are really busy and you do not have time to engage in your favourite hobby. But, trust us it is a tried and tested stress-buster. Read a book, or take a walk, even if it lasts for a few minutes.

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Remember, you need to enjoy the biggest day of your life. Have a stress-free start to a new life ahead.

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