Sunny Leone's Hubby, Daniel Weber Met Her Parents At Her Mom's Funeral When Her Life Was Chaotic

Sunny Leone, in a latest interview, recalls the tragic time when her parents and her hubby, Daniel Weber had met for the first time. Sunny reveals why she still doesn't see her parents' pictures.


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Sunny Leone's Hubby, Daniel Weber Met Her Parents At Her Mom's Funeral When Her Life Was Chaotic

God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created parents. Imagine a life without the root causes of existence. It would instantly become a horror story, right? No matter how young or old we are, we are always the same for our parents. Till date, if we face any hurdles in life, we always look up to our parents for support and help. One of the most gorgeous and loved actresses of the Tinseltown, Sunny Leone is sheer goals. How much do we adore the ability of this woman of her multi-tasking skills! While we know a lot about the actress professional gains, little do we know about her personal life. Hence, here’s a tragic instance that the actress recently shared about herself. (Do Read: Ram Kapoor Reveals His Kids Are Able To Hug Him Properly Now Due To Slimmer Waist, Post Weight Loss)

Most of you must have loved Sunny Leone’s biopic, Karenjit Kaur, and have loved it! One of the most adored celebs, success did not come easy to her. And when it did, she didn’t get enough time to share it with her parents. Sunny lost her mother in 2008 and two years later, in 2010, she lost her father to cancer. It has almost been a decade that she had lost her parents but as she herself admits, she still isn’t fully able to cope up with the tragic loss. In a recent interview with the Filmfare, Sunny shared that it was her now hubby, Daniel Weber, who pulled Sunny out of her grieve.

Sunny Leone & Daniel Weber's Anniversary

Sunny Leone, in the interview with the Filmfare, spoke about her reel-life parents (actors Grusha Kapoor and Bijay Anand, who had played her parents in Karenjit Kaur) and shared, “When I enacted those moments with the characters, who resembled my family, with the home having actual pictures of my parents, it was heart-breaking.” It was then that Sunny revealed why she doesn’t see her parent’s pictures, “Usually, I don’t see my parents’ photographs because then I miss them. When you hear the same lines that your parents had told you, it gets difficult. But I wanted the truth to be shown.”

Sunny Leone reel life parents

Do you know, Sunny Leone had cried when she narrated the story of her parents with the series’ team and also post shoots? The actress stated, “I got goose-bumps reading that.” Sunny further added, “My story deals with family intricacies that occur in most households. I cried while sharing my story with the team. I cried while shooting the series. I cried after shooting. It took me a while to come out of that. Honestly, the finale season killed me. There was a lot of heartaches.”

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone had starred as herself in her own biopic and South African model, Marc Buckner had played the role of her hubby, Daniel Weber. Recalling how and when her hubby, Daniel and her  parents had met, the doting wife had stated, “The first time Daniel met my mother was at her funeral.” Sunny went on to add, “That was the first time he met my father too. He was there at a time when there were so much chaos and distress in my life. He was like a God-sent angel. He was there to pick up those broken pieces within me.” About hubby Daniel, Sunny said, “He’s funny and cute too.” (Must Read: Saumya Tandon Reveals Her Secret Behind Balancing Work And Family, Talks About Her Comeback)

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, although a very successful star now, has one huge regret in life. Revealing about the same in the interview, she stated, “I made decisions, which were good for me at that moment. But personally, I regret not being at home when my mother passed away (2008). My father was suffering from cancer since long. So we were all present there when he breathed his last (2010). I wish I could have been with my mom."

Sunny Leone

In an interview with the Mid-Day, Sunny Leone had expressed her sadness about her parents passing away and enacting the same crucial moment of her life in the biopic, “I am aware that they (actors Grusha Kapoor and Bijay Anand, who had played the role of her parents) are not my real parents, but the feelings and situation were real. Seeing my on-screen father suffering from cancer, and my mother in a coffin was not easy to relive. The heartache was not cathartic. While it was my choice to go through this all over again, I assumed that I was ready for it, but I was not.”

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone is a hands-on mother. She and her hubby, Daniel Weber are parents to three wonderful children (Nisha Kaur Weber, Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber). Sunny had shared in the same interview with the Filmfare, “Motherhood has completely changed me.” She further said, “It’s the best feeling when you see your babies smile at you first thing in the morning. We have nannies to look after them but Daniel and I are hands-on parents. We like doing everything for our children. We enjoy feeding them; changing diapers, putting them in bed." The 38-year-old mommy also revealed, “We enjoy it all. I’m good at juggling things. I make sure everything is running smoothly. I read and try to figure out what’s best for my children. I’m the stricter one with the kids and the nannies.”


In the interview, Sunny Leone revealed the reason as to why she had opted for surrogacy and adoption and had stated, “For me, I chose surrogacy and I chose adoption because I wanted to keep going and I wanted to keep working. That was my personal choice. I thought I was going to have one but I had three. I wouldn’t change anything.” Sunny also shared why she wants to be a working mother and added, “I believe that I’m a better mother if I’m working and providing for my children than if I’m a stay-at-home mother. I feel that I’m a better person, I’m a better mother, I am a better human being working than not working. My children will thank me one day for working.” (Also Read: Kunal Kemmu And His Daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu's 'Pout Practice' Makes Us Wonder Who Does It Better)

Sunny & Daniel's family

Sunny Leone’s twin babies, Asher and Noah completed one year of existence on this planet and their superstar mommy had taken to Instagram and posted a beautiful video of pictures from their birthday celebration and cake smash. Sunny had also written a heartfelt note for her family which could be read as, “Words can’t explain the feelings we @dirrty99 have for our family but I’ll try. The last one year with Noah and Asher has been one of the most amazing years of my life. Nisha is the best big sister Noah and Asher could ever have. You are the light of my life and the reason I want to wake up every morning. Your smiles, hugs, kisses, and even your cute crying and whining brings me joy! Happy Birthday to my two little bundles of joy!! My mantra to myself everyday to enjoy every sec I have with my family.“I am here, I am now, In the here, In the now.” Quote by “Thich nhan hanh”."



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