Steal Some Fun Ideas For Your Wedding Video From This Cool Couple


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Steal Some Fun Ideas For Your Wedding Video From This Cool Couple

You will always find some couple shots, a few with the family, and some shots of the rituals and ceremonies, in every wedding album. And, if you want to see more action, then you always have your wedding video with you. Undoubtedly, these are one of the best ways to make the beautiful memories of your wedding last forever.

But, wouldn't you like to have something different and more fun? If yes, then here is something you definitely must look at. This is a lip dub video of our fun couple, Atul and Kanika. The couple got this video shot with their friends and family in such an amazing way that we could not resist sharing it with you. And, we are sure that after watching this, even you would not be able to resist yourself from getting one such video shot with your sweetheart.

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Video Courteys: Wedding Flicks

A wedding is not complete without friends and family. They are the ones who make the whole atmosphere enjoyable. And, this video is the proof of it. Surrounded by their friends and family members, Atul walk in hand-in-hand with his love, Kanika. And, suddenly everyone starts shaking their legs and lip syncing on the foot tapping number by Jet, ‘Are you gonna be my girl’.

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No matter how crazy their moves or expressions were, they just kept hopping on the peppy number. Be it the pool dance, aunty jis and uncle jis waving, or the couple dancing together, the video has covered it all in a fun way. And, the best part is that the video was taken in a single shot, at the Bolgatty Palace Resort, in Kochi. Isn’t it amazing?

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So, even you can plan such a lip dub video for your wedding. You can set the mood of the video as per your choice. The video can either be quite casual like this couple or you can make it even more glamorous by getting it shot on your wedding day itself (just like this Unique Wedding Video That Can Make Anybody Dance). Just select a peppy number, memorise its lyrics, gather your friends and relatives, and get the camera rolling. And, then you always have this video to steal some moves from.

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Not just you, even your relatives and friends will have a great time while making such a cool video. Believe us, the video will definitely fill you with happiness every time you will see it.

And, if you are looking for some more fun ideas, then here is another uber-cool video that this couple got shot at their wedding:

Video Courtesy: Wagtail Productions

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Didn’t we tell you that this cool video will simply leave you amazed? So, don’t wait anymore! Just show this video to your partner, select the song, and rush to your wedding videographer to explain all that you want. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.