Ssmilly Suri Reveals That She Is Ready To Start Her Life After Divorce With Vineet Bangera

As they say, whatever happens, happens for a reason. Moving on in life after a failed marriage is a difficult task, but, Ssmilly Suri considers this as an opportunity to start her life afresh.


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Ssmilly Suri Reveals That She Is Ready To Start Her Life After Divorce With Vineet Bangera

Everything seems to be perfect when you are in love and you enjoy every moment with your loved ones. However, your life takes a complete U-turn, the moment you realise that the person you are in love with is not your ideal match. When you start to realise the issues and differences between you two, you start to think of ways through which your life can be back on track. The same thing happened with Kalyug actress, Ssmilly Suri.

Ssmilly Suri belongs to family background as she is Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s niece and director, Mohit Suri’s sister. Ssmilly had debuted with the movie, Kalyug in the year 2005 alongside Kunal Kemmu and her cousin brother, Emraan Hashmi. Though the movie received commercial success, but Ssmilly’s career couldn’t take off. Talking about the same, in an interview with the IANS, she had revealed, “After a hit like Kalyug, I didn't get any films and I come from a family of achievers. To be able to live through that and say 'I need help' is very difficult." (Recommended Read: Hiten Tejwani Wished Wife Gauri Pradhan On Her Birthday With A Romantic Liplock)

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Ssmilly Suri had tied the knot with her salsa teacher, Vineet Bangera in the year 2014. But the two had parted ways due to clashes in ideologies and perspective. Talking about her marriage with ex-husband, Vineet and what went wrong, Ssmilly in an interview with the Bombay Times has revealed, “Vineet was my Salsa teacher, and it’s easy to fall in love with your mentor, especially in a dance form, which is all about proximity. We connected over our passion for dance and mistook it for love. We realised that our decision was wrong only after marriage and staying under the same roof — our backgrounds and approach towards life was different. I tried my best to make the marriage work but in vain. My family, too, including my brother Mohit (Suri), cousin Emraan (Hashmi), his wife Parveen and my aunt Kumkum Saigal, tried their best to mediate, only to realise that the cracks were too deep. When every attempt failed, they gave me the strength to face those trying times. Vineet left me in December 2016 and never came back. I guess he realised before me that our marriage wasn’t working."

Ssmilly suri and vineet

Ssmilly Suri who was last seen on the TV show, Jodha Akbar, also talked about starting her life again and said, “I still believe in love and would like to tie the knot again. A failed marriage can’t shake my faith in the institution. Today, no relationship comes with a guarantee card. In fact, I am grateful to Vineet for taking me through this journey. During our separation, I developed anxiety issues, had nervous breakdowns and battled weight issues. But today, I feel liberated and am a new person. I just needed to rest my mind and learn to enjoy my own company. Now, I am concentrating on myself.”

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Earlier, in 2016, there were rumours that the couple had parted ways and were living separately. A source close to the couple had informed the same to The Times of India and had said, “It’s a classic case of two different individuals coming together and trying to make things work between them. Despite efforts, Smilly and Vineet couldn’t be on the same page. They even began staying at Smilly’s flat, but Vineet moved back to stay with his parents. They have always been together since their marriage. Staying separately will help them understand themselves and their relationship better.”

ssmilly and vineet

Talking about rumours back then, Ssmilly had said, “Every relationship goes through ups and downs. I grew up without a mother and so, don’t know the ways of an Indian marriage. I come from a background where we make relationships work, no matter what. My marriage is going through some teething problems, but we are still together. We have decided to stay away and give each other space. It has been a wise decision, as it has helped us grow individually. I am hoping that distance will bring us closer. The marriage isn’t over from my end and I still love Vineet. Together, we will make it work.” (Suggested Read: Dipika Kakar Shares A Throwback Pic With Shoaib Ibrahim Before Entering Bigg Boss 12 House Last Year)


Despite Ssmilly Suri's statement, the couple had gotten separated in the year 2016 and were granted divorce in 2017. Post her divorce with Vineet, Ssmilly was battling with depression and it was during that time when she was introduced to pole dancing, which she had revealed gave her ‘focus and grounding’ that she needed the most in her life during the low phase. Ssmilley had revealed to the IANS, “I took time to realise the true purpose of my life. Everyone takes their own amount of time to heal."  

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In a throwback interview with the IANS, Ssmilly Suri had talked about how pole dancing had helped her fight depression. She was quoted as saying, “It helps develop a focused state of mind and in the end, after training, I used to be so tired that I used to get a good night's sleep, which is hard to achieve otherwise. Malkham and pole dancing is like a 'tapasya' for the body and mind and it can help cure depression.”

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Ssmilly Suri was rumoured to be dating TV actor, Shaheer Sheikh in 2013, before her wedding with Vineet Bangera. But soon after, the rumours of them parting ways started to pour in. Rubbishing the rumours, Ssmilly had said, "Where’s the question of break-up arising then? Shaheer was a friend’s friend and I am very friendly with many people. That does not mean I am having a relationship with all. I never believe in hiding my relationship status. If I ever meet the right guy, I will scream from the rooftop.” (Also Read: Rajeev Sen Shared 'Getting Ready' Trailer From Wedding, Charu Asopa Sen's Reaction Is Priceless)

We wish Ssmilly Suri, all the very best for her future endeavours!

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